Anybody up for primarying Richard Hanna?

As noted in the post below, Richard Hanna voted for the CR which did not defund Obamacare or anything else that mattered. 

Here’s the full list of House Republicans who voted against the three-week CR (bold indicates freshman member):

Todd Akin (Missouri), Justin Amash (Michigan), Michele Bachmann (Minnesota), Roscoe Bartlett (Maryland) Joe Barton (Texas), Dan Benishek (Michigan), Dan Burton (Indiana), John Campbell (California), Steve Chabot (Ohio), Jason Chaffetz (Utah), Jeff Duncan (South Carolina), Jeff Flake (Arizona), John Fleming (Louisiana), Trent Franks (Arizona), Scott Garrett (New Jersey), Phil Gingrey (Georgia), Louie Gohmert (Texas), Trey Gowdy (South Carolina)Tom Graves (Georgia), Ralph Hall (Texas), Andy Harris (Maryland), Dean Heller (Nevada), Tim Huelskamp (Kansas)Bill Huizenga (Michigan), Tim Johnson (Illinois), Walter Jones (North Carolina), Jim Jordan (Ohio), Steve King (Iowa), Raul Labrador (Idaho), Doug Lamborn (Colorado), Jeffrey Landry (Louisiana)Billy Long (Missouri), Connie Mack (Florida), Thaddeus McCotter (Michigan), Mick Mulvaney (South Carolina), Ron Paul (Texas), Steve Pearce (New Mexico), Mike Pence (Indiana), Joseph Pitts (Pennsylvania), Ted Poe (Texas), Denny Rehberg (Montana), Scott Rigell (Virginia)Dennis Ross (Florida), Jean Schmidt (Ohio), Christopher Smith (New Jersey), Steve Southerland (Florida), Cliff Stearns (Florida), Marlin Stutzman (Indiana), John Sullivan (Oklahoma), Scott Tipton (Colorado)Tim Walberg (Michigan)Joe Walsh (Illinois)Allen West (Florida), Joe Wilson (South Carolina).

And while we're at it, are there any New York Republicans with cojones who'll run against Chucky?  There's no time like the present to start thinking about 2016:

via Weasel Zippers

Calling a spade a spade

From Townhall:

From Hot Air:

Civility’ just a ruse to neuter Republicans, BY THE RIGHT SCOOP

The civility narrative that grew legs after the shooting in Arizona is really just a ruse to keep Republicans from calling Democrats what America knows they are – Socialists....


The bottom line here is that Republicans simply need to stop mincing words and continue to remind Americans just how destructive these radicals are to this great country. If they do that, along with some great legislating, I assure you that Americans will respond in 2012 just as they did in 2010.

As they say in the blogosphere, RTR ("read the rest").

Stand strong, Republicans!

UPDATE: This very piece by The Right Scoop ended up being the subject of a debate between Megyn Kelly and Alan Colmes.

A Stunning Upset in Washington State

From American Thinker:

This weekend the Washington State GOP dumped its chairman and elected longtime radio host - and serious pro-life conservative - Kirby Wilbur to lead the Party into the 2012 elections.

Washington State is divided politically, as well as geographically, by the Cascade range of mountains.  On the East side of the Cascades, often called "the other Washington," the state is solidly and reliably Republican.  On the West side of the Cascades -- which is to say, Seattle -- the state is about halfway between left-wing Socialist and middle-of-the-road Commie.... Since a few more voters live West of the Cascades than East of the Cascades, GOP candidates usually lose statewide elections....

For more than two decades now, a civil war has raged within the State GOP.  The grass roots has been conservative, while the party leadership -- known to grass roots Republicans as the Bellevue Establishment, and led by former US Senator Slade Gorton, who hails from the Bellevue suburb of Seattle -- has been, well, establishment.  During the 2010 election cycle, Gorton and his Establishment cronies stubbornly refused to acknowledge the Tea Party movement, and ignored its candidates....

Now the grass roots Republicans have risen up and wrested control of the GOP from the Bellevue Establishment.  Out here, this is nothing short of a revolution....

Just sayin'...

UPDATE: Ditto New Hampshire, Arizona, and Oregon.

Poor Richard's Almanack

Richard Hanna hasn't even been sworn in yet and he (as well as the other 434 members of the House) is already under scrutiny:

GOOOH stands for 'Get Out of Our House' and is pronounced like the word 'go'. It is a NON-PARTISAN plan to place 435 citizen representatives on the ballot in 2012, competing for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.... 

GOOOH is NOT a political party. It is a system that will allow you and your neighbors to choose, among yourselves, a candidate who will truly represent your district....

....Our preference is to compete in the primaries against the incumbent. It is possible we may have to run as an Independent in some races, or even form a party in a few states, but the goal is to run in the primaries. It is important to clearly state that we are not a third party. We have no platform and are a bottom-up organization. We are a process for selecting and funding candidates....

I know, I know—it's a goofy acronym, easily open to ridicule. They sound rather Ron-Paulian; you can decide what you think about that.  But the point is that there's been a lot of talk in various media about how it's unlikely that tea-party-type folks will be unable to maintain their momentum now that the election is over. But this one example, at least, doesn't seem to support that.  There are already people waiting in the wings preparing to primary Hanna and other Republicans if they a) are perceived to be RINOs, and b) decide to run for re-election in 2012. What happened during the lame-duck session just strengthened their resolve:

RINO Call (from Day by Day)

The Elephant's Child

OK, O Best Beloved, I waited until midnight to post this cartoon.  Let's hope for all our sakes that this little elephant has 'satiable curiosity:

(h/t Townhall and Rudyard Kipling)


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