CT has UConn, NYS has...UCon?

Who could possibly object to this?

ALBANY — A statewide initiative will start to expand opportunities for prisoners to get college degrees, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Sunday...

Read the whole thing and the comments, too.

From our own inimitable contributor, Publius:


To obtain your free college education, courtesy of Governor Cuomo, just commit a felony and go to jail!  Do not accept probation or parole.
Our experts can help you find a crime that carries a four year sentence so you can get that four year college degree.  And, don't worry about distractions.  You'll be free to concentrate on your studies in your own "room" in the prison while receiving three meals a day at State taxpayer expense.  Good prison libraries and high speed access to the web guaranteed.
We know prisons and can help you apply to the right one.  Just fill out our form and tick off the boxes of the Cuomo supplied amenities.  Need tennis courts?  Weight lifting rooms?  We can tell you how to get to the right accommodations.  For just $1,000 we can help you stage a felony that will open the door to these riches.
If you have children in need of free college educations, our experts can tell you which crimes are most likely to enable them to join in this program.
NY is open for felons.  Get tax breaks, free food and lodging, free degrees.  Cuomo loves you.
Show your thanks to our governor, send money to the Cuomo campaign, DeBlasio Street Lefties Asylum, South Bronx, NY.

Graphic brilliance in defense of life

Once upon a time, recounts Archbishop of Philadelphia Charles Chaput in his book Render Unto Caesar, there was an English widow with two young sons.  The widow was a Catholic convert who brought the boys up in the faith despite the anger her conversion had engendered in her extended family.  No one remembers the mother, but people very definitely remember one of her sons—JRR Tolkien.

From an essay entitled, "`The Gospel According To J. R. R. Tolkien":

...Despite this apparent absence of Christian religion, Tolkien himself attested to the profound influence that his Catholic Christian faith had on his works of fiction. Late in 1953 Father Robert Murray, a close friend of the Tolkien family, read The Lord of the Rings shortly before it was published, and wrote a letter to Tolkien in which he compared the image of Queen Galadriel to the Virgin Mary. Tolkien wrote back, saying that he agreed that the comparison was apt: ``I think I know exactly what you mean . . . by your references to Our Lady, upon which all my own small perception of beauty both in majesty and simplicity is founded. The Lord of the Rings is of course a fundamentally religious and Catholic work; unconsciously so at first, but consciously in the revision.''

What has all this to do with the title of this post? At the Facebook page of New Yorkers for Life, this text was just posted

"The Quest stands upon the edge of a knife. Stray but a little, and it will fail, to the ruin of all. Yet hope remains while the Company is true." -- Galadriel
We're in the final two months of the 2013 regular legislative session. We renew our commitment to defeat Governor Cuomo's Abortion Expansion Act. It shall not pass! Thank you for being a part of this Company called New Yorkers for Life.

along with this graphic:


h/t Tom: there are no coincidences and everything happens for a reason  smiley


ConCon Mondays in April

In this instance, ConCon isn't shorthand for Constitutional Convention but for Consecutive Conservative Mondays in—wait for it—deep-blue Ithaca, NY.



There have been reports of pigs circling McGraw Tower.



The Cornell College Republicans are sponsoring a series entitled "American Voices" with a lineup of notable speakers on three consecutive Mondays in April:

  • Monday, April 8   S.E Cupp, Cornell class of 2000, 6:00pm in McGraw Hall 165. Topic: the liberal media
  • Monday, April 15   Rep. Tom Tancredo, 6:00pm in HEC Auditorium in Goldwin Smith Hall. Topic: immigration & national identity 
  • Monday, April 22   Herman Cain, 8:00pm in Call Auditorium, Kennedy Hall. Topic: the American Dream & free enterprise
A map of campus can be found here. McGraw and Goldwin Smith Halls are on the Arts Quad; Kennedy Hall is on the Ag Quad, at the corner of Garden Ave. and Tower Rd.
Click on the images below for more about the speakers:
For more information about the series, contact the president of the Cornell College Republicans, Jess Reif, at jar453@cornell.edu or (630) 863-3773.
Let's have a great turnout for these dynamite speakers and demonstrate that conservatism of all stripes is alive and well in Tompkins County and environs and—yea, verily—even on the Cornell campus.

Pay attention, class...Common Core is here

Are these things related or mere coinkydinkies?


The Obama Administration wants to establish a continuum of preschool services for children from birth through age five. As part of President Barack Obama’s drive for a “cradle-to-career” government-controlled education system, in February the Administration proposed significantly increasing government spending on early childhood education and care. The President’s proposal includes (1) new federal spending to establish a “cost-sharing” model with states to expand public preschool programs; (2) significant new spending on Early Head Start to serve infants, toddlers, and three-year-old children; (3) an effort to “grow” the federal Head Start program; and (4) an expansion of home-visitation programs. The White House deems this its Preschool for All initiative[1]

Read the whole thing.

 2) Common Core has been adopted by the vast majority of states. It's due to be fully implemented in NYS by 2014-2015 — see the list of readings for grades 9-12 English...it's instructive.  But don't worry: "As always, curriculum decisions are made at the local level."  Here's a sample:

Grade 9

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Mitchell, Black Swan Green

Russell, “St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves”

McCarthy, Memoirs of a Catholic Girlhood

Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet, Letters 1, 4, 7-8

Li Po, “A Poem of Changgan”

Pound, “The River-Merchant’s Wife: A Letter”

Alexie, “Every Little Hurricane”

McCollough, Mornings on Horseback

Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet


Poe, “Tell-Tale Heart”

Hammett, The Maltese Falcon

Mosley, Devil in a Blue Dress

Doyle, “A Scandal in Bohemia”

King, The Beekeeper’s Apprentice

Haddon, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night

Sacks, “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat”

Levitt, “What Do Sumo Wrestlers and Schoolteachers Have In Common?”

Harr, The Lost Painting

Auden, "Musee des Beaux Arts"

Bishop, "One Art," " In the Waiting Room

Matthews, “A Poetry Reading At West Point”

Wayman, “Did I Miss Anything”

Chopin, The Awakening

Camus, The Stranger

Isben, A Doll’s House

Lessing, “To Room 19”

Cullen, “The Depressive and the Psychopath”

Kincaid, “Girl”

Grandin, Animals in Translation

White, “Death of a Pig”

Lawrence, “Snake” 

Bishop, “The Fish”

OrwelI, 1984

Frost, "The Wood Pile"


Sophocles, Oedipus the King

Plutarch, “Consolation to his Wife”

Marquez, Chronicle of a Death Foretold

Kafka, Metamorphosis

Hemingway, “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber”

1 Samuel 17

Emerson, “Self Reliance”

Great Conversation Documents: FDR

Neruda, “You’re the Result of Yourself”

Johnson, “Lift Every Voice and Sing”

Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter

Hurston. Their Eyes Were Watching God                                                                                                                                    

Are many of the selections unfamiliar to you?  No worries—pick a few and try Googling them. You'll understand why this caveat appears before these reading lists:

These modules include authentic reading materials. Authentic reading materials include published works that are typically encountered by students in daily life, such as in magazines, books or newspapers. The use of authentic reading material may mean that some material is emotionally charged or may use language outside of a student's particular cultural experience.


Have we piqued your interest about the nationalized content and standards "initiative" known as Common Core that your tax dollars are paying for and that your school-age children are being subjected to?  You can continue your education here.  If you want to see what NYS has up its sleeve in the various subject areas and at various grade levels, see the E ngage NY website and start clicking.

3) If you looked at which states have not accepted the bribe and adopted Common Core, you'll see that Texas is one of them.  No surprise there, says you—but you're wrong. Texas has its own version. Here's a quiz following a video about 9-11...see # 3.  A mom, Kara Sands, was outraged:

...Unsurprisingly, the stunningly controversial lesson plan is part of the CSCOPE curriculum system that has come under fire recently. The same system includes lessons asking students to design a flag for a “new socialist nation” and dubs the Boston Tea Party as an “act of terrorism”...


...Another worksheet on the Bill of Rights apparently names food and medicine as “rights,” not a personal responsibility, according to Sands. She said her son’s answer was falsely marked wrong because he labeled food and medicine as the latter...

Read the whole thing. The Texas State Education Department says this has nothing to do with CSCOPE, so this story is still developing.

4) Teachers are on board with all this, right?  Well...

The most disturbing thing is how few parents have any idea that this is going on.

5) The parent of an Ithaca High School ninth grader was shocked to see this social studies handout which his student recently brought home for him to look at (click on the image to read the whole doc):

The parent wrote: "I can't help but believe that this text presents Communism as the cure to the Capitalist "disease", especially to young impressionable minds with little to no experience of Communist oppressions. On Page 4: "Communism...appeals to the more saintly side of man...", whereas Capitalism "...promotes class distinction where the gap between the rich and poor is highly emphasized", and "Capitalism appeals to the more selfish side of man".  So to sum it up, Communism is saintly and Capitalism is selfish!  What happened to an impartial presentation of ALL aspects?  There is no discussion of the benefits of Capitalism, like how it empowers the individual and preserves individual liberties; nor is there any discussion of how Communist regimes need to strip individual rights and liberties (protected by our Constitution) to preserve the system, or build walls to keep citizens from escaping!"

So are all these things connected or are we just letting our vivid imagination run away with us?

Common Core is Marxism for children.

Michelle Malkin, who doesn't generally strike us as prone to hysteria, has authored a series of must-read columns about Common Core which every parent and every taxpayer should familiarize themselves with:

"Creepy" doesn't begin to describe it. 

During 1950s and 60s Cold War days, it was not unusal for American parents to fear that Soviets would take their children away, to be raised in government institutions away from any possibility of influence from their parents and families.  

Wish I could be a fly on the wall to see the spin put on 1984 for the benefit of NYS ninth-graders.

Don't fear the Soviets. Orwell was only about thirty years off. 


NYS H2O is weird

It must be.  It's the only explanation.  And since we're not fracking here, that can't be the reason for the bizarre state of the drinking supply.

Despite being doused by the judge,

Nanny Bloomberg is still busily dashing around, dripping wet, telling everyone what to eat and drink—like most progressives, he seems to suffer from the delusion that he's God—as  well as influencing gun legislation in other states with his megabucks.

And Senator UpChuck Schumer has a surprise in store for legal gun owners, S. 374, the Fix Gun Checks Act of 2013, formerly known as the ridiculously misnamed Protecting Responsible Gun Owners Act of 2013:

...Title II of the S. 374 is a gun controller's wet dream.

First, Section 202 makes it illegal for a firearm transfer to be made between unlicensed persons. It would required a licensed importer, manufacturer, or dealer to first take possession of it, enter it in their bound book, perform a NICS check, fill out a Form 4473, and then and only then, complete the transfer....

...Section 203 is equally egregious. It mandates the reporting of lost or stolen firearms within 24 hours of discovery to the "Attorney General and to the appropriate authorities." More importantly, the penalty for knowingly violating this provision is 5 years imprisonment! 

If passed, the law goes into effect in 180 days from passage. So far, it has passed out of the Judiciary Committee on a 10-8 party-line vote.

While the gun prohibitionists would like to have bans on standard capacity magazines and semi-automatic firearms with ugly cosmetics, universal background checks is what they really want because the only way to make enforcement of them possible is a national firearms and firearm owners database. As Andy Gross, the former CEO of Intel Corporation, famously said, only the paranoid survive.

Of course, you're not paranoid if they really are after you. Read the whole thing.

What are some of the possible ramifications of Schumer's quietly-snuck-under-the-radar bill?

  • If you left town for more than 7 days, and left your gay partner, or unrelated roommate at home with the guns, you’d be committing a felony. This should be called the “denying gun rights to gays act.” Remember that the federal government does not recognize gay marriage, even if you’re state does, thanks to DOMA. 5 years in prison.
  • Actually, even married couples are questionably legal, because the exemption between family only applies to gifts, not to temporary transfers. The 7 day implication is if you leave your spouse at home for more than 7 days, it’s an unlawful transfer, and you’re a 5 year felon. I suppose you could gift them to your spouse, or related co-habitant, and then have them gift them back when you arrive back home. Maybe the Attorney General will decide to create a form for that.
  • It would be illegal to lend a gun to a friend to take shooting. That would be a transfer. 5 years in federal prison.
  • Steals the livelihood of gun dealers by setting a fixed fee to conduct transfers. The fee is fixed by the Attorney General. What’s to prevent him from setting it at $1000?
  • Enacts defacto universal gun registration, because of record keeping requirements.
  • All lost and stolen guns must be reported to the federal and local government. This means everyone will have to fill out the theft/loss form, and not just FFLs. You only have 24 hours to comply. If you lose a gun on a hunting trip deep in the woods, and can’t get back home to fill out the form in 24 hours, you’re a felon and will spend 5 years in federal prison.
  • Want to lend a gun to a friend to go hunting? It’s a 5 year in prison felony.
  • No exception for state permits. All transfers must go through a dealer or 5 years in federal prison.
  • UPDATE: Teaching someone to shoot on your own land is a felony, 5 years, if you hand them the gun. Not an exempted transfer.

And lastly (for now...there's never an end to it in this state), there are the state legislators—Republicans included—who seem to think that the laws of economics are suspended the moment one crosses the state line into New York.

We live in an

I'll see your ignorance and raise you some idiocy

To graduate from high school in NYS, students are supposed to have had a semester's worth of economics.  You know, this sort of thing:

Granted, the high school graduation rate in NYS isn't anything to write home about—74%—and it's even worse in specific cities like Rochester, where the rate is an abysmal 46%, so presumably lots and lots of New Yorkers have never seen anything remotely like the above graph.

But what's Shelly Silver's excuse?

In the SOTU address the other night, Barack Obama took the predictably pandering populist path of calling for an increase in the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $9 an hour (and called for indexing it to inflation, too).

Meanwhile, back at the Empire Ranch, Andrew Cuomo had already proposed raising the state minimum wage to $8.75, without indexing. But not to be outdone in the economic illiteracy department, Speaker Silver and

...[t]he Democrat-dominated state Assembly has amended its proposal for a boost in the state's minimum wage to match President Barack Obama's desire to establish a federal $9 per hour wage...
But this never helps the people it claims to.
...The key idea underlying the textbook model of minimum wages is that when something becomes more expensive, people use less of it...
Translation: the real minimum wage is zero.
...It seems that one could still seriously question whether now, when so many are struggling to find jobs, it makes sense to enact a policy that makes it more difficult for them to do so...
Well, yes, we could question it, but we already know why this is being proposed (emphasis mine):
...Because a higher minimum wage is easy to implement, and because a higher minimum wage is a mandate for higher costs on businesses, rather than an item in the budget on which states would have to spend more money, minimum wages are a popular policy for trying to help poor and low- income families...
A three-fer for politicians: appearing to help the relatively poor (and "poverty" is now relative, defined based on income rather than on purchasing power) at no cost to themselves but at significant cost to evil, greedy businesses.  Such a deal.
As for the fact that a higher minimum wage never helps the people it's supposed to?  No matter.  It isn't really about them, anyway. It's a disingenuous exercise in ignorance and idiocy by our moral and intellectual superiors—an ultimately ruinous, self-serving game.




The Empire State of Third-Trimester Abortions

When Andrew Cuomo was first sworn in as governor, I recall people being hopeful—yeah, he was a Democrat, but he actually understood moderates, centrists, even conservatives.

Not so much.

Recall that BHO told Putin's caddy, Medvedev, that he'd have "more flexibility" in a second term. Perhaps inspired by BHO's re-election and his own presidential ambitions, Cuomo's mask has now slipped all the way off—no time to wait for a second term as governor.

Via Weasel Zippers:

ALBANY, N.Y. — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is flexing his political muscle to give abortion advocates their biggest state victory in 40 years since Roe v. Wade: a sweeping expansion of abortion law that, if enforced, could put Catholic hospitals and many state-funded ministries out of business.
Cuomo’s approval ratings have topped 70% for six straight months, and, with just two years in office, he has already pushed through controversial same-sex “marriage” legislation and the most restrictive gun-control law in the nation.
Cuomo, who is Catholic, now is setting his sights on succeeding where governors for the past six years have failed: passing the proposed Reproductive Health Care Act...
...“Gov. Cuomo’s bill elevates abortion to a fundamental right and says New York state can’t discriminate on abortion in benefits or services or anything else it provides,” said Kathleen Gallagher, the [New York Catholic] conference’s director of pro-life activities.
Cuomo’s legislation, she said, would make illegal abortion restrictions, such as parental-notification laws, informed-consent laws, restrictions on taxpayer funding of abortion and abortion bans of any kind.
The law will allow licensed medical professionals other than a physician to perform first-trimester abortions.
The Democratic governor announced in his Jan. 9 State of the State address that he would expand legal abortion as part of a comprehensive women’s-equality bill, declaring three times, “It’s her body, her choice” to thunderous applause.
“Gov. Cuomo vociferously declared that women’s equality, safety and reproductive rights will be a priority for New York state in 2013,” Andrea Miller, president of NARAL Pro-Choice New York, confirmed in a press release. Miller said the last election results showed New Yorkers recognized that without a right to abortion a woman “cannot participate fully in society”...
...Cuomo’s bill removes criminal penalties for third-trimester abortions after 24 weeks by adding a broad health exception. Current state law allows such late-term abortions if there is a danger to the mother’s life.
Chris Slattery, director of the Expectant Mother Care (EMC) pregnancy centers in New York City, said the new law will make New York City the late-term abortion capital of the world.
“It’s going to open up the third-trimester market,” Slattery said. “It’s going to be huge, and people all over the world, not just out of state, are going to be coming to New York to have and perform these abortions”...
Doesn't it make you proud to be a New Yorker?
...The Guttmacher Institute’s New York state abortion data showed that 33% of New York pregnancies end in abortion — nearly twice the national rate of 19%. Only 53% of New York pregnancies resulted in live births, with the remaining 14% ending with miscarriage.
New York City itself has an average abortion rate of 41%, with some areas as high as 67%, according to New York Health Department data...
This state is a slaughterhouse.
...Cuomo’s legislation is expected to pass the Democratic-controlled Assembly, but pro-life advocates are focusing on the Senate, which Republicans control in a coalition with six independent Democrats.
Pro-life state Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr., D-Bronx, predicts the abortion battle will happen in the next few weeks and not toward the end of the legislative session in June. He said pro-life prospects look grim if the Reproductive Health Care Act comes up for a vote.
“I’m the only solid pro-life vote among the Democrats,” he said. “But if the Republicans allow this to come to the floor, then it is a done deal.”
Diaz expressed doubts that Majority Leader Dean Skelos, R-Rockville Centre, would keep the 30-member GOP caucus in line and predicted that one or two Republicans would join 32 Democrat senators to vote for the bill — a replay of voting patterns that resulted in the legalization of same-sex “marriage” in 2011.
Under a power-sharing agreement, Skelos and state Sen. Jeff Klein, D-Bronx, alternate leadership of the Senate every week.

“The week in which Sen. Jeff Klein becomes leader of the chamber — that week he will bring the bill to the floor,” Diaz said...
...the state bill has no conscience protections for religious institutions and that the New York Catholic Conference’s legal analysts fear the state could use the law to shut down any Catholic institution (including Catholic hospitals, Catholic charities and schools) that gets state licensing or funding.
“State regulators, such as the state health department or state insurance department, could say, ‘We cannot give you that license to operate’ or ‘We cannot give you that funding’ because our pro-life mission means we’re discriminating against a woman’s fundamental right to an abortion,” Gallagher said....
...If the bill expanding access to abortion is passed, pro-life medical professionals could also find their practices at risk.
“All the legal mechanisms are in place so that doctors are forced to abandon their practices,” said Dr. Katherine Lammers, a Catholic obstetrician-gynecologist in Rochester, who has delivered 4,000 babies in her 25-year career. Lammers’ practice does not perform or refer for abortions.
She noted that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists published an ethical memo in 2008 that directed doctors to provide abortion referrals if they are unable to perform the procedure.
“So it could happen this way: ACOG could say that this doctor is violating Ethical Bulletin 899. They could take your board certification away for ethical violations. The state board could then say, ‘This doctor is not medically licensed.’ So, theoretically, a doctor could be forced out of her business,” Lammers said...
It's hard to know who's worse—Obama or Cuomo.


Maybe Schumer & Gillibrand should have read the bill...

...before they voted for it so they could find out what was in it. Via Weasel Zippers:

Sixteen Democratic senators who voted for the Affordable Care Act are asking that one of its fundraising mechanisms, a 2.3 percent tax on medical devices scheduled to take effect January 1, be delayed.  Echoing arguments made by Republicans against Obamacare, the Democratic senators say the levy will cost jobs — in a statement Monday, Sen. Al Franken called it a “job-killing tax” — and also impair American competitiveness in the medical device field.
The senators, who made the request in a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, are Franken, Richard Durbin, Charles Schumer, Patty Murray, John Kerry, Kirsten Gillibrand, Amy Klobuchar, Joseph Lieberman, Ben Nelson, Robert Casey, Debbie Stabenow, Barbara Mikulski, Kay Hagan, Herb Kohl, Jeanne Shaheen, and Richard Blumenthal.  All voted for Obamacare...
Yes, there are several businesses in NYS that are impacted by this, including Welch Allyn in Skaneateles:
...In September, the company announced that it would cut 10 percent of its global workforce, including 45 jobs from its Skaneateles Falls headquarters. Welch Allyn employs about 2,700 workers worldwide...
Our morally and intellectually superior two-headed monster, Chuck and Kirsten, should have known that voting on Marxist ideological grounds for bills that you haven't actually read has consequences.

Wendy Long for US Senate!

At The Good Fight, the blog of the Conservative Party of NYS:

...what a great Senator we can have if you spend some time each day -- for the next 18 days -- telling your neighbors, family and friends, that Wendy Long will be our voice in Washington, DC.

Read what the pundits are saying about the debate herehere, here,  here,hereherehere and here.
As noted in some of the articles, Wendy Long was in the bastion of liberalism last evening and did an outstanding job because, as one commentator said after the debate, she is not only knowledgeable, she is also comfortable in her own skin.  The first politician I remember that being said about was Ronald Reagan, and Wendy Long is the only person, since I have been in this business, that comes the closest to walking in his shoes.   You have less than two weeks to give us a strong voice in Washington, D.C., you will never be disappointed with Wendy Long as our US Senator.


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