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Pasto Debunks AGW at TCPL

Dr. Arvid PastoDr. Arvid Pasto spoke about Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) in front of a group of about 35 people at the Tompkins County Public Library on February 9.  The talk was sponsored by Forward Thinking: The Ithaca Tea Party.

In his remarks, Pasto outlined the controversial AGW claims, and put them into historical perspective.

Some of his main points would not be a surprise to anyone who has visited the local Museum of the Earth... the climate changes we have seen since 1850 are neither unusual, nor particularly large in a historical context. There is nothing in the evidence which indicates that anything related to man's activities, such as burning fossil fuels, has significantly advanced global warming.  In fact, looking at climate on a geological time scale, we're lucky the planet is as warm as it is, and we're probably on the precipice of another global ice age.  

Pasto outlined problems with data, assumptions, and models which, when examined, undercut the claims of politicians and lobbyists who are using AGW to advance their own agendas.  

Some audience members questioned the motives of some oil companies who funded some "AGW- skeptical" reports, as well.

Pasto asserts that AGW is political, not physical, science and that the UN IPCC has presented distorted information based on flawed computer models. CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere follow temperature, not the other way around, and changes in the output of the Sun are the major cause of global climate change. Recent climate changes are within typical historical bounds. Man is not causing global warming. There is a lot of political power and money at stake in the promotion of the AGW theory, as well as the agenda of radical environmentalism.

Mad Meat Making Scientist Proves Climate Doomsayers Wrong

Heh.  I no sooner put up the calendar item in the previous post (below) than this article popped up.  It's a neat piece, and the funniest part is that the author seems to think that Dutchess County is in upstate New York... 

Calendar item: Global warming talk on February 9th

All are welcome to attend a talk entitled "The Truth About Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)" on Wednesday, February 9th, at 7pm in the Borg Warner Room of the Tompkins County Public Library in Ithaca.

The speaker is Dr. Arvid Pasto, a materials scientist with a specialty in ceramics, who recently retired as the Director of the High Temperature Materials Laboratory at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Dr. Pasto's presentation will describe the situation as depicted by the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN-IPCC) and other AGW supporters, and will then show that we are not in the midst of an unprecedented warming period.

The talk is sponsored by Forward Thinking: The Ithaca Tea Party.

So you can do a little research on your own ahead of time, follow the links in this blurb from a post at Hot Air:

The reasons people see global warming alarmists are less credible is not limited to the “Climategate” fraud or cold winters. Better scientific studies are turning the tide from faith-based politics and toward — dare I say it — a more reality-based position (via memeorandum).

And in a related story...

This piece is connected to so many topics, I can't even think of all the ways this post should be tagged. From the Poughkeepsie Journal (h/t Thomas Lifson at American Thinker):

WICCOPEE — In a stunning reversal, the frequently lauded and taxpayer-funded SpectraWatt Inc. has told the state it will close its solar cell plant starting in March and lay off 117 workers.

....Created with nearly $100 million in private and public investments and announced in April 2009, SpectraWatt ramped up quickly, creating jobs in the midst of high unemployment. It began production by March this year and became one of the brightest new lights in the Hudson Valley economy. Now it has blinked, and may well go out.

....The company said, "This action is undertaken in response to deteriorating market conditions resulting from a harsher-than-usual European winter causing a large drop-off in demand for solar cells.....

"In Snowy Syracuse, a December That’s Whiter Than Usual" and wintry Britain

From today's NYT, a story on our neighbor to the north. Global warming, anyone?

And from The Telegraph and Daniel Hannan, whom I love (must be the British accent):

George Monbiot: This cold weather is caused by – you guessed it – global warming!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

Apparently, Britain is in a sort of wintry salient, squeezed between two hotter areas. It’s all to do with sea ice reflecting the sun....

For all I know, Monbiot may be right. It just seems remarkably convenient that any climatic trend is the fault of greenhouse gases . Getting hotter? Global warming! Getting cooler? Global warming! Average overcast October day? Gaea is on her last legs!

Although I am sceptical of some of the political schemes put forward in the name of the Rio-Kyoto-Copenhagen-Cancun agenda, I have so far refrained from entering into a debate about the meteorology, being acutely aware that I have no scientific qualification. But I’m starting to realise that this doesn’t inhibit anyone else; possibly because, for partisans on both sides, it was never about the science in the first place.


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