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How about not pulling any punches?

We can hope...for change.

For instance, wouldn't it be refreshing if some Republicans were less concerned with blocking fellow party members from influencing the direction of the party (heaven forbid that there should be a change in direction) and more concerned with justifiably and unabashedly bashing the abysmal presidential record of the current incumbent and his administration?

Like so (try at about the 5:00 mark for just one example):

To read the text of the speech, click here.

Bringing a knife to a gun fight

Come on, guys.  This is what the other side is putting out—an ad, posted on the official Barack Obama campaign YouTube page this past Friday:

There's just one little problem: John Hinderaker at PowerLine says

...The ad is surprisingly ineffective, but it is also dishonest. At least one of the women who pose as “Republican women for Obama” is a long-time Democrat...

...There are liars; there are compulsive liars; and then there is the Obama campaign. If someone took the trouble to track the down the other women in the ad, they would probably find something similar. If you do that, please record your findings in the comments.

UPDATE: OK, I’ve broken through on this via Facebook. More of the women are fake “Republicans.”...

I can just hear someone on the left spluttering, "But the One can't be held responsible for the actions of people working on his campaign!"
And as we all know, the buck has to stop someplace:
So what do our guys do? At Politico:
“I know there are some people who do a very good job acting and pretend they’re something they’re not,” Romney said. “You get what you see. I am who I am.”
To press the point, he said the GOP would even try to turn Obama’s still-high personal favorability rankings back on him at its convention this week, by making the simple case to voters: nice guy, failed president.
Un-frickin'-believable. These people are going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
This isn't simply a case of someone being an incompetent nincompoop (some would say a SCoaMF)—although that may also be true. This is a clash of world views: collectivism v. freedom:

Which do you choose—liberty or tyranny?

And Republicans...we're in dire straits. Based on data from the Treasury and the OMB, the Senate Budget Committee Republican staff under ranking member Jeff Sessions [R-AL] reports that in the last 4 years, the debt increased by more than it did in the previous 17 years.

Can't we take off the kid gloves now?


Sorry, Rich, but this is one time I have to disagree with you.  I seriously doubt that this was what Romney had in mind (great Photoshop, though  smiley  ):


Suburbs are for sellouts

That, as Stanley Kurtz points out in a recent Forbes article entitled, "How Obama Is Robbing The Suburbs To Pay For The Cities"

...is a large and overlooked theme of Obama’s famous memoir, Dreams from My Father.  Few have noticed the little digs at suburban “sprawl” throughout the book, as when Obama decries a Waikiki jammed with “subdivisions marching relentlessly into every fold of green hill.”  Dreams actually begins with the tale of an African American couple who’ve come to question their move from city to suburb – the implication clearly being that the city is the moral choice...

Here's where I don my

and remind people that we've posted here numerous times over the last year and a half or so about ICLEI and Agenda  21—part and parcel of the things described in Kurtz's new book (about which there have been some shenanigans).

But in an election year and with, as The Lonely Conservative points out, broke local governments still continuing to spend money on this stuff (and they say we're crazy?) it's time to re-visit the topic—or maybe learn about it for the first time.

Be sure to read LC's post as well as Kurtz's Forbes article, both linked above.

Then make sure you vote accordingly in November.

h/t Henry

NYS tuition aid for illegal immigrants...

...what could possibly be bad about that?

We've posted about the NYS DREAM Act previously.  But as The Lonely Conservative points out

New York has a projected budget shortfall of $2 billion. The only state that’s worse is California. Rather than cutting spending, New York Democrats want to spend even more money.

And so we have this to look forward to:

Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants would become eligible to receive government financial aid to attend college in New York under a bill that state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver introduced Friday...

...The Senate's Democratic minority has supported a New York "Dream Act," which they are trying to make a campaign issue for the fall elections to regain the majority from Republicans.

"We commend the speaker for this legislation," said Senate Democratic spokesman Mike Murphy. "This is something that we are extremely supportive of and I think it goes perfectly with our Dream Act legislation that we pushed this year, but was unfortunately blocked by the Senate Republicans."
There was no immediate comment from the Senate's Republican majority nor from Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
Under New York law, illegal immigrant students already pay the lower public college tuition for state residents, rather than the higher rate for those coming from outside New York...
...The bill could be considered in the regular session beginning in January, or in an expected special session after the November elections.
It would be nice if the Senate Republican conference had something to say about this...oh, never mind, they're busy running for re-election.

Moonbat montage

Via (where else?) Moonbattery.  The song is by Darryl Worley.

I've posted some of these cartoons here and others I've sent to friends...they'll look familiar wink

Bird watching

Ya think that there might be some people who don't like Ronald Reagan?

Victor Fiorillo writes at The Philly Post (and pardon some people's French):

Last Friday, an attaché of important gay people from Philadelphia made a trip to Washington D.C. as invited guests of President Barack Obama for the White House’s first-ever gay pride reception...some of them took advantage of photo opportunities to give the late President Ronald Reagan the middle finger...

...Reagan’s memorable statement on LGBT rights from the 1980 campaign trail: “My criticism is that [the gay movement] isn’t just asking for civil rights; it’s asking for recognition and acceptance of an alternative lifestyle which I do not believe society can condone, nor can I.”

“Yeah, fuck Reagan,” reiterates [Matthew] Hart one week after the reception. “Ronald Reagan has blood on his hands. The man was in the White House as AIDS exploded, and he was happy to see plenty of gay men and queer people die. He was a murderous fool, and I have no problem saying so. Don’t invite me back. I don’t care.”
Switching gears, Hart describes the reception as “fantastic” and notes that the White House staff seemed “giddy.” ”A lot of work had to happen to make this reception politically viable and possible,” he observes. “There were many service members there. I met a woman with lots of medals, an important military person, who was with her partner. And all her life, she had to be in the closet—until now. And I met a couple from Tennessee in their mid-50s, two men who have been in a relationship for 22 years and run an LGBT youth program. They could barely speak with their emotions. They kept saying, All through grade school and high school, people were telling us we’re gonna burn in hell. And here we are honored guests of Obama.”
But before other people get really exercised about this and despite Mario's kid remarking,
It meant more to people than I even imagined. Marriage equality, it wasn't even about marriage. It was about equality. It was about acceptance; it was about affirmation
here's something to keep in mind: gays are a tiny minority who have "an outsized place in the public imagination."  Yes, that's right..."Americans Have No Idea How Few Gay People There Are...Surveys show a shockingly high fraction think a quarter of the country is gay or lesbian, when the reality is that it's probably less than 2 percent":
...it's hard to imagine the fact that so many think the country is more than a quarter gay or lesbian has no impact on our public policy.
That's a much bigger problem than even rude gestures, foul language, and general disrespect—particuarly since that type of misapprehension has serious implications in a splintered society where it seems that everyone is a minority and everyone is a victim.
h/t's Tom, Jim

The Road to Dictatorship

Another great piece by guest contributor Publius Ithacanus:

The Road to Dictatorship
When the founders drafted the Constitution, they carefully separated legislative and executive power.  As we probably learned in middle and high school, Congress passes laws, the President executes them, and the Supreme Court interprets them.  Presidents may not enact laws and they haven’t deeply encroached on Congress’ prerogatives --- until this President, who, unable to get his will, seems to know no restraint.
Several times the President has admitted publicly that the “Dream Act” (proposal that would effectively amnesty certain illegal aliens in the U.S. and undercut existing U.S. immigration law) was beyond presidential power and required Congressional action.  Yet, a few days ago, this same President did what he previously said he could not do, enacting the Dream Act by executive order, and for political gain.  Nothing else has changed, what he could not constitutionally do then, he cannot constitutionally do now.  This knowingly unconstitutional act is a violation of his inauguration oath to faithfully execute the laws and to preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution.  It takes the executive order to the status of law by decree.
This is not the first time this President has done “workarounds” to avoid a Congress that will not give him what he wants.  Several members of the National Labor Relations Board purport to sit by virtue of “recess appointments,” appointments made when Congress carefully arranged not to be and was not actually in recess (this is being contested in court).  Executive orders are intended to be used to carry out Congressional policies and internal executive branch functions.  They are not to rise to the level of new legislation or nullification of existing law by “Presidential Decree.”
Prior democracies died by this process.  One of the major defects of the Great Depression-era Weimar Republic in Germany was the ability of its government to rule by decree, bypassing parliament.  Dictators resort to rule by decree; presidents who issue legislative decrees unchecked are dictators.
Moreover, the President’s action in legislating by executive order has set a very bad precedent, one he and his party may come to regret.  For once a president asserts such authority, his successors, of the other party, may assert them as well.  What value then of the outrage of the party offended, who began the process and set the very precedent?
Americans should be outraged at the expansions of presidential power they are now seeing.  In the past, there has been talk of an “imperial presidency.”  The Roman Republic gave way to Roman Emperors and a loss of freedom to an absolute ruler.  This President is taking us down the same track.  Arm our presidents with the power of executive order carried to legislative enactment and we might as well send Congress home.  Congress will either confirm the President’s wishes or be bypassed.  Either way they will become useless and the founder’s separation of powers destroyed.

(Electoral) college pranks

AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens—a conservative alternative to AARP—has a post re: the attempt to recall Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker on Tuesday, June 5th:

...In only the 3rd time in our nation’s history, a sitting governor has been the focus of a recall election. Millions of dollars in union and democrat funds have zeroed in on the Governor to throw him out of office. Thousands of out of state workers have been brought in by democrat supporters to gather signatures and register new voters.

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz said: “The Wisconsin recall race is a “dry run” for November”...

So this is a big deal.

Interestingly, an organization called the Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama, based in (of all places) Sacramento, has put this PowerPoint up:

EXPOSED: WI Democrats' Plan to Smear Conservative & Gov. Walker!                                                                            

According to the Campaign to Defeat Obama,

This election is critically important.  If Gov. Walker loses, he will not only be ousted, but his Republican Lieutenant Governor could be ousted.  And on top of that 4 Republican State Senators are subject to RECALL and if we lose 2 of those races, then Republicans lose control of the State Senate and the Left can completely block Gov. Walker's agenda.
But, even more than that - if the RECALL succeeds and Gov. Walker is removed from office, it will be a huge boost to Barack Obama's efforts to steal away Wisconsin's 10 Electoral Votes in the November presidential election.
Now isn't that fascinating?

But as for the Campaign to Defeat Obama being based in (of all places—did I say that already?) Sacramento, here's some more news you can use...Allahpundit writes in a Hot Air post entitled, "Oh my: Obama now below 50% against Romney — in California":

Even in the bluest of blue states, he’s now treading water at 48 percent, still comfortably ahead of Romney but unable to grab a majority even in Cali. Big deal or no? Banish the thought from your mind that Romney has a chance of winning there. He doesn’t — although don’t hold me to that if we get another three or four jobs reports that look like today’s. No, the potential significance of this and the reason why there’s some buzz about it among righties on Twitter is that it’s circumstantial evidence that The One might be starting to collapse nationally. That’s John Ellis’s point about the Wisconsin recall, after all: If Walker wins big there, then it may be a sign that a decisive national shift is already under way.


Pay attention, everybody. The fun is just beginning.

h/t Tom

A plethora of parodies

In case you haven't heard about “Julia,” "and if you haven’t seen her, she’s a colorful cartoon character invented by the Obama campaign to help spread the message of how women will “benefit” under the president’s policies"...and, of course, suffer endless life vicissitudes under a Mittens administration.

No, really. You have to see it to appreciate its godawfulness (click on the image):

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Maybe. 

We here at Redneck Mansion, however, maintain that you know an idea has truly been an epic flop when it spawns a seemingly infinite number of spoofs. Some are, well, staid, not to say boring, like this one at Heritage (click on the image):

And some are inspired lunacy...enjoy this version from Iowahawk (click on the image):

Train wreck

A few posts ago, we linked to a publication, Rich States, Poor States, from ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council—a 40-year-old organization described as a "creepy right-wing group" by no less a sterling source of information than...Gawker.

ALEC is about—gasp!—"limited government, free markets, federalism." So it isn't any wonder that the left, especially in 2012, is boycotting ALEC.

It becomes particularly clear why there's so much ginned-up outrage over ALEC when you take a look at their most recent release: Economy Derailed: State-By-State Impacts Of The EPA Regulatory Train Wreck.

To be sure, it's not all bad news. At EPAabuse.com:

For the past 42 years, Earth Day has been used to draw attention to environmental issues. In honor of Earth Day 2012, ALEC has released Economy Derailed: State-by-State Impacts of the EPA Regulatory Train Wreck celebrating the true story of America’s clean air and water successes by highlighting improvements in environmental quality over the past three decades...


...Economy Derailed also exposes the risks posed by the EPA’s recent regulatory onslaught. This excessive regulatory campaign has little to do with public health yet will have an immense impact on American quality of life.

“Economy Derailed” reveals that numerous EPA regulations are causing the shutdown of power plants across the nation, destroying jobs, raising energy costs, and decreasing reliability of electricity...
But as ALEC knows, one must never cross environmental extremists and their allies in their headlong rush to the Utopia train station.
And one must never, never point out that something is rotten in the state of Denmark, particularly when the stench threatens to overwhelm the re-election efforts of the most left-wing President in our history.
h/t's to Jim and to Ruth Ann at As A Mom


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