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ConCon Mondays in April

In this instance, ConCon isn't shorthand for Constitutional Convention but for Consecutive Conservative Mondays in—wait for it—deep-blue Ithaca, NY.



There have been reports of pigs circling McGraw Tower.



The Cornell College Republicans are sponsoring a series entitled "American Voices" with a lineup of notable speakers on three consecutive Mondays in April:

  • Monday, April 8   S.E Cupp, Cornell class of 2000, 6:00pm in McGraw Hall 165. Topic: the liberal media
  • Monday, April 15   Rep. Tom Tancredo, 6:00pm in HEC Auditorium in Goldwin Smith Hall. Topic: immigration & national identity 
  • Monday, April 22   Herman Cain, 8:00pm in Call Auditorium, Kennedy Hall. Topic: the American Dream & free enterprise
A map of campus can be found here. McGraw and Goldwin Smith Halls are on the Arts Quad; Kennedy Hall is on the Ag Quad, at the corner of Garden Ave. and Tower Rd.
Click on the images below for more about the speakers:
For more information about the series, contact the president of the Cornell College Republicans, Jess Reif, at jar453@cornell.edu or (630) 863-3773.
Let's have a great turnout for these dynamite speakers and demonstrate that conservatism of all stripes is alive and well in Tompkins County and environs and—yea, verily—even on the Cornell campus.

If George Will is right, 2012 really will be the end of the world

Since I obviously don't think much of the Newt or Mitt Romney, let's move on to other GOP hopefuls at least as perceived by political pundits.

George Will thinks that it'll come down to either Tim Pawlenty or Mitch Daniels—good God.

Byron York, on the other hand, has an extensive interview with Herman Cain:

Cain is not yet officially a candidate.  He has scheduled a big rally for May 21 in downtown Atlanta to announce whether or not he will run, and he is telling supporters he wouldn't be planning such a big event simply to say he isn't running...

In contrast to Huckabee, I guess.  Read the whole thing.

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