One set of rules for me...

...and another set of rules for thee. That's the anthem of the left.

At least one Ithaca Journal commenter experienced a Captain Renault moment on Saturday:

For yea, verily, the local Gannett newspapers (the Ithaca Journal and the Elmira Star Gazette) had the audacity to publish a piece over the weekend by Jon Campbell, an article that points out the role that Ithaca's Park Foundation has played in anti-gas drilling activism.

Predictably, hypocritical hilarity ensued in the comments at the Journal.  An example:

I'm frankly shocked that Jon Campbell, who has been covering this issue for Gannett for many years, could have put his name this shoddy, obviously biased, article. It makes me wonder just who is behind it, and how far up in the Gannett chain that person is. The very idea of questioning the authenticity of the strong, effective citizens' grassroots movement in NY is absurd. Nothing but sour grapes by the industry. And that doesn't qualify as journalism.

I can't tell you how many times some of us have been accused of being shills for the gas industry because obviously NO ONE could be part of a "grassroots movement" in favor of safe, regulated energy development in NYS.  Such a notion is patently ridiculous to folks like the woman who wrote the above comment. And yet she clearly expects the kid-glove treatment when it's her pet "grassroots movement" that is the subject of discussion.

And on a related note, a little blurb from the same edition of the Star Gazette:

Model legislation is topic of movie

CORNING — The League of Women Voters of Steuben County will show the film “The Unit­ed States of ALEC” at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the Southeast Steuben County Library in Cor­ning. The screening is free to the public. Calling itself an edu­cational charity, the American Legislative Exchange Council devel­ops what it calls “model legislation” for state legislators to introduce in their own name into their respective state legislatures.

But detractors claim it is a group of corpora­tions and wealthy indi­viduals who push their agenda, which ranges from privatization of education to ending collective bargaining.

As I've noted in past posts, the League of Women Voters is not some group of kindly, non-partisan blue-haired ladies—more of a red-headed league. Yes, they have an agenda.

And ALEC has been a target of the left for quite some time. Why? ALEC is about—gasp!—"limited government, free markets, federalism." 

So assuming that, as its "detractors claim it is a group of corpora­tions and wealthy indi­viduals who push their agenda," where's the problem exactly?  Don't Adelaide Gomer of the Park Foundation, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, et al—including corporate entities—fund and push leftist agendas?

Hypocrisy is the hallmark of the left.


We've got to find out where RepublicanPartyAnimals have their conferences...

A big tip of the war bonnet to South of 5 and 20.

Solar plexus (n)

"A sharp blow to this region can cause loss of consciousness."

At the LA Times, via Tina Korbe at Hot Air:

AMARGOSA VALLEY, Calif. — April Sall gazed out at the Mojave Desert flashing past the car window and unreeled a story of frustration and backroom dealings.
Her small California group, the Wildlands Conservancy, wanted to preserve 600,000 acres of the Mojave. The group raised $45 million, bought the land and deeded it to the federal government.
The conservancy intended that the land be protected forever. Instead, 12 years after accepting the largest land gift in American history, the federal government is on the verge of opening 50,000 acres of that bequest to solar development.
Even worse, in Sall's view, the nation's largest environmental organizations are scarcely voicing opposition. Their silence leaves the conservancy and a smattering of other small environmental organizations nearly alone in opposing energy development across 33,000 square miles of desert land...
Tina writes:
...The local environmentalists tell us all we need to know about major environmentalist groups. Appropriately, locals call the national groups “Gang Green” — and they do seem to bully littler environmentalists around. Gang Green says it’s willing to “sacrifice the desert to save the world” — i.e. preserving the desert should take a back seat to halting the effects of climate change — but it also just so happens that grants for projects focusing on climate change and energy have become the top-two funded issues in environmental philanthropy. Major groups like the Sierra Club flat-out can’t afford to care about the desert. They have to remain inviting to major foundations...
The irony is just too delicious.  And the ol' hypocrisy meter is working overtime:
And in our neighbor to the north...Viewscape, anyone? At greedylandowners.com, "It'll look better once the grass grows in and they fix the drainage issue":

As Greedy says, "What comes around can go around..."

Hypocrisy meter off the scale


Thanks to Chrissy the Hyphenated (click on the image) and Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection:

Motes, planks and bumper stickers

Oh, and the scripture citation from Matthew?

 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.



Heh. Of course, around here we could say something similar about a lot of things ("when you stop heating your home/cooking/dryng your clothes with natural gas...)...at Legal Insurrection:

When you sell your Subaru and take the bus, then we can talk

Until then, shut the ....

Spotted in Ithaca:

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