wind energy

The answer is blowing in the wind?

Maybe not so much.

A proposed wind farm project "will include about 50 to 70 wind turbines that will be placed throughout the towns of Dix, Hector, Catherine and Catlin."

...Officials in the four towns met with each other to discuss a plan of action Tuesday. They say they have not been faced with any opposition to the project...

Oh, that'll change.

Because meantime, not very far away, in the Town of Enfield, Tompkins County

The proposed 12.6 megawatt Black Oak Wind Farm received support at a public hearing, but some concern was expressed about wildlife and feared residual effects of turbines...
...The 9-year-old project has shrunk from 15 to 20 megawatts, and its total cost is down to $35 million, from $40 million to $45 million...
Even in ultra-alternative energy Tompkins, folks have started to realize that no energy source is ever an unmixed blessing—in this instance, people are already starting to talk about flicker, the likelihood of cuisinarting birds and bats, various impacts on personal health, interference with "viewscapes," and so on.
Perhaps there should be a five-year NYS moratorium so we can study this properly.  March on Albany with placards reading
...which of course would happen of its own accord sometimes anyway—that's a problem with intermittent energy sources.
There's nothing inherently wrong with so-called alternative energy.  We should have an "all of the above" energy policy.  But we should also learn from other people's mistakes—and successes—regarding energy development.  
And whatever we do has to make sense, both environmental and economic.
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Even more "green" moonbattery

There must be something in the water in Delaware, gaffe-tastic Joe Biden's old stomping grounds, and it has nothing to do with fracking.  At FoxNews:

As the potential collapse of the United States Postal Service looms on the horizon, one Senate Democrat has proposed an unusual plan to solve the crisis.
Senator Tom Carper (D-DE) looks to harvest the electricity that windmill farms produce in order to power a new fleet of battery-operated postal delivery vehicles, replacing the previous '25 to 30 years old' 'dilapidated' vehicles.
The Senator admits the idea is “out there” but concludes that "we need to be thinking boldly, and the postal service needs to do that."
Remember this?
About a year ago, Brian Milligan drove a Mini Cooper Electric from London to Edinburgh in four days with nine stops for up to ten hours to recharge its batteries. A stage coach used to make the same journey in two days and two nights.
The USPS might want to go back to the future:


I taught I taw a putty tat

But putty tat can haz birdie. Mmm mmm mmm....

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