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Snakes on a bus

Sister Si-moan v. SE (via NewsBusters):

I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that Sister Simone means well in this instance (although I can just hear the nuns who taught me: "You know what happens, class, when we ASS-U-ME...")  but the woman is dumb as a box of rocks—my apologies to all the ladies in habits who taught me over the years who had infinitely more on the ball than Sister Simone.

She needs to read a little Thomas Sowell, who might just know a wee bit more about economics than she does:

...the cold fact is that minimum wage laws create massive unemployment among black teenagers. Conversely, one of the lowest rates of unemployment among black teenagers occurred in the 1940s, when inflation virtually repealed the minimum wage law passed in 1938, since even unskilled labor was paid more in inflated dollars than the minimum wage law required.
Even during the recession year of 1949, black teenage unemployment was a fraction of what it would be in the most prosperous later years, after the minimum wage rate was raised repeatedly to keep pace with inflation. One of the few benefits of inflation is that it can in effect repeal minimum wage laws...
But Sister and her ilk are our moral and intellectual superiors, doncha know.  Right. 
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