Take this sport and shove it

At Breitbart:

Is it “fair” that illegal immigrants and foreign exchange students are allowed to play high school football on Friday nights and to participate in extra curricular activities at public schools, while many of their peers, who are legal US citizens but who happen to be homeschooled, are being denied “equal” access to the same opportunities in their local communities?
In Virginia last week, seven Democrats and a lone Republican, perhaps unaware or unmoved by such a discrepancy, made the point moot and rejected the so called “Tebow Bill” that sought to “level the playing field”...
...After [Ken] Tilley [Executive Director of the Virginia High School League (VHSL) and a fierce opponent of the bill] put forth several reasons for the opposition such as “participation is a privilege not a right” and “equity and fairness,” [Laura] Ingraham...highlighted how exemptions seemingly are being made for every group except homeschoolers and the country’s big push for inclusiveness doesn't include tax paying parents that choose to homeschool. At one point, Ingraham asked Tilley if undocumented immigrants have to have parents residing in the attendance zones to compete and the response given was “We don’t address that point.” 
...“professionals” love to lecture about the notions of “fairness,” of “equal access,” and of “a commitment to united excellence” in education, yet circle the wagons year after year to deny 14 and 15 year old homeschoolers the opportunity to tryout for the high school basketball or debate team. What exactly are these “professionals” dedicated to? Do they seek to promote a safe and healthy environment to educate and develop every child, or only those students who attend “their” public schools?
...Tilley said “By playing by a different set of rules it's inequitable and unfair to public school students.” He added "the parents of homeschooled students have voluntarily chosen not to participate in the free public school system in order to educate their children at home. That's fine, but in making that choice they have also chosen to forgo the privileges incidental to public education. One of which is the opportunity to play athletics."
Tilley’s notion of “choice” further invalidates his argument. Most likely, illegal immigrants parents did not give their children a choice to stay behind when the decision was made to ignore our nation’s rules and enter the country illegally. American’s, nevertheless, are compassionate and even the most fervent advocates for stricter immigration laws, can both appreciate and understand that a child should not be punished for his parents actions.
Why then do “Tebow Bill” opponents believe it’s “fair” and “equitable” to punish teenage homeschoolers because their law-abiding tax-paying parents made a different choice on how to educate best their children?...
...Currently, the “Tebow bill” stipulates that only home-schoolers who meet specific eligibility, disciplinary, and residency criteria can be eligible to try out for high school extracurricular activities or sports. For example, to comply with academic requisites, homeschoolers must provide standardized test scores or undergo an annual review by the school system....
So in NYS, a "Tebow bill" wouldn't present any particular problems for homeschooled high schoolers who wanted to try out for public school teams since NYS homeschool regs in effect for the last quarter-century already require standardized test scores every year.
That said...I appreciate Laura Ingraham's support.  And for decades, I've paid property taxes for public schools, sent children and stepchildren to both public schools and parochial schools, and had both my oldest daughter and youngest daughter—the one who's never attended any school but our home school—turn out to be pretty decent athletes. I'm sympathetic to homeschoolers who don't have the financial resources or flexibility to be able to support as much participation in individual or team sports for their kids as they would like.
But you know what? There are always quid pro quos.  Beware any offers by the govenment schools to allow your student to participate in anything.  You will be giving up some of your parental rights.  So remember why you chose to homeschool in the first place.
Caveat parentis.
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