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Knickers in a twist

The sheer absurdity of today's American feminazis (yes, I know that's a Rush-ism...see the bottom of this page) is on display in an Atlantic article by a writer based in—where else?—Chicago.

The same females who ignore honor killings and dress like this

get themselves all riled up over the word...."panty."

At PoliNation:

The anti-panty crowd had supporters:

  • The word panties makes me want to throw up
  • I HATE the word panties
  • I also abhor the word “panties”.
  • The word “panties” makes me cringe.

But the anti-antis were loads funnier:

  • Apparently liberal women dislike the word “panties” which means I probably need to find ways to use it more often.
  • But dressing up AS A VAGINA IN PUBLIC is OK?
  • if you hate them that much then just go commando and STFU!
  • Asinine. Is this what American feminists are really worried about? How about women’s rights in Iran? Or gettin’ me a sammich?
  • Does this mean the word ‘panties’ will have the same effect on feminists as garlic has on vampires? No downside there.
  • I should’ve hung my panties around my neck where they would be available to wave at silly females who ignore the fact that the battle for women’s rights has already been fought and won.
  • I’m ahead of the game. I always call them ‘bloomers,’ anyway.
Needless to say, this has, one might say, engendered another very funny hash tag on Twitter, #RenamePanties...if you have tender sensibilitites (I don't), then by all means STOP READING NOW:
Kitty Kondos ~_^
Spanks would be too close to Spanx, but Skanx is available.
Crotch pocket
Bush protectors (editor's note: everything is still Bush's fault)
Thanks for the good laugh, Chrissy—I needed one.
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