"Almost" only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades

Jumping into the fray here on two fronts...

From Stacy McCain:

When Stacy refers to independent voters here, he's talking "small i" independent, not the Independence Party, which is almost an irrelevancy anyway, at least in this area (Independence Party members, feel free to comment on that assertion):

Republicans who go squishy on social issues do so under the mistaken belief that this somehow helps the GOP reach independent “swing” voters. But that kind of soft-headed thinking is based on a complete misunderstanding of who independent voters actually are.

Independents are not moderates, but rather are prototypical “low-information” voters, and aren’t really much interested in social issues one way or the other.

You know what independent voters truly loathe? Gutless backstabbing unprincipled two-faced flip-floppers.

That last bit is certainly my reading of voters around here who regard themselves as small-i independents.

Read the whole thing.

And as for polls and the media (emphasis mine):

For years, the mainstream media has done their level best to make the redefinition of marriage seem inevitable. As if in concert, local, regional, and national outlets have published the results of poll after poll under headlines like “Majority of Americans Now Supports Same-Sex ‘Marriage,’” all in an attempt to silence opposition...

....The good news for the media is they may have almost succeeded in persuading a sufficient number of salt-of-the-earth Americans to give up the fight.

[....]  we cannot allow ourselves to fall prey to the machinations of the mainstream media, which frequently employs polls not simply to report public opinion, but to frame it...

And not just the mainstream media but political party powers-that-be would do well to remember the old adage about where "almost" counts.


In contrast, however, to McCain's conclusion that

The four GOP state senators in New York who voted for this bill have destroyed all hope that the Republican Party can ever make a real comeback in that state.

I posit this:

Just sayin'.

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