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No Irish need apply, I guess

The anti-fracking universe has its own little set of local luminaries. Phelim McAleer, one of the producers of FrackNation and adversary of "Inconvenient Al" Gore and Gasland's Foxy Josh, had the misfortune to run into one of these bright lights, Vera Scroggins, in Pennsylvania.  I thought Phelim showed great self-restraint—if it had been me, my bare knuckles and Vera's nose would have become intimately acquainted.

Here you go (viewer discretion advised):

And we're expected to reason with these people. Right.

Bare knuckle boxing

The team of McAleer and McElhinney have scored a K.O. (h/t Chrissy the Hyphenated).  Sure and doesn't journalism beat censorship in the end every time?

...we have been victorious over the attempts to censor our journalism. As you know, Phelim's questioning of Josh Fox, the director of Gasland, was removed from YouTube after Fox used his expensive lawyers to make a false copyright claim.

Well, after a lengthy appeals process we have won and YouTube has restored our video which shows Fox being forced to admit that he behaved unethically and withheld important facts from viewers.
These facts would have completely undermined a central thesis of Gasland and, pushed into a corner, Phelim forced Fox to admit that he knew the facts but withheld them because "they were not relevant"...
Click on the photo to watch Phelim McAleer's video.
And who knew there was an organization called Republican Party Animals? Sounds like fun to me.
Also, Ann will be speaking at Republican Party Animals event this Saturday.
PS We thought you might like this non-apology apology from Newt Gingrich whose support for Global Warming alarmism and Nancy Pelosi pretty much scuppered his chances of securing the Republican nomination for President.
John L. Sullivan would be proud.
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