mathematical impossibilities

Mathematical impossibilities

I'm always mystified by the folks who have no trouble spotting the problem with this:

or who can appreciate the humor behind this:

Chicago fans on both sides of town will have to wait until next season to see their favorite team in the playoffs after the Cubs and White Sox were mathematically eliminated from postseason contention on Sunday...

but who are utterly unable to wrap their minds around this idea (emphasis mine):

...Even now, frantic liberals are gibbering that Republican austerity measures somehow killed Detroit, even though Democrats held absolute power for fifty years.  You’ll hear the same things right before the end at the national level too.  In the very near future, you’ll be told your Social Security and Medicare benefits are being cut because evil rich people don’t want to pay enough taxes to fund them.  It won’t matter that there literally isn’t enough money in the entire world to cover Uncle Sam’s long-term liabilities...

Read the whole thing.


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