Janis Kelly

Janis Kelly campaigns to be Mayor of Ithaca

From IthacaIndy:

It may be a sign of how much Ithacans want to change course that a Republican provides the clearest picture of the path to take. As we move closer to the Sept. 13 primary for City of Ithaca Mayor, in a side-by-side comparison of the candidates, Janis Kelly comes out the clear winner.

In the seven-person race to replace outgoing Carolyn Peterson, Kelly provided specific reasons why she wants to be mayor and the well-known situation facing city residents.

From The Ithaca Journal:

Our city is in one of the Earth's beautiful places, but a decade of liberal politics, crony favoritism and civic neglect has left Ithaca shabby, vulnerable and broke.
We need policies that respect the values, diversity and creativity of our citizens. We have city boards eager to impose their own elitist ideas and the latest academic fads on the city.


We need city officials who understand the value of a dollar, and that time is money. We have "vanity government" willing to endlessly prolong and delay decision-making until, in many cases, businesses just give up and leave the city.

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