Death & taxes

The only sure things, according to Benjamin Franklin.

Not much to look forward to.  At AMAC:

BOHEMIA, NY, Sep 14 – “There may not be a ‘death panel’ lurking in the Affordable Care Act but there is an Independent Payment Advisory Board [IPAB] that has some folks – including many physicians – scared it will ultimately find a way to ration care for the elderly,” according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.
“You can hide a lot of mischief in a 2400 page law.  Perhaps, that’s why they didn’t want you to know in advance what was in the legislation that the President calls ObamaCare.  And, the IPAB is, in fact, one of those hidden threats all set to rear up and bite us come 2015 when the Board is expected to begin functioning.”
The stated purpose of the IPAB is to control costs and that’s a good thing, said Weber.  However, he added, when you dig down into the descriptions of the Board’s functions and powers a lot of questions are raised.
“For one thing, it creates the very real possibility that the Board will reduce payments to doctors as a means of controlling costs.  In turn, it raises the specter of physicians choosing to not treat Medicare patients at all or, if they do, they might elect to limit the amount of care they will provide”...
And as always, the media is carrying water for the administration, the kind of water that gets you acclimated to your own imminent demise:
You're being trained to think that the road the administration is going down is the only path to take and is the only solution to existing problems.  For example, in USA Today:
The number of total knee replacement surgeries has soared 161.5% among Medicare participants over the past 20 years, a $5 billion annual tab that will continue to grow as the USA's 77 million Baby Boomers age, according to a large study out today...
...The challenges, [lead author Peter Cram] adds, are how to address post-surgery problems that can develop from shorter hospital stays and in patients with other conditions such as diabetes and obesity, and how to ensure doctors are not overusing a "highly reimbursed procedure"...
...the authors say the yearly demand for total knee replacements could be as high as 3.48 million procedures by 2030 and can potentially "decrease the allocation of health care resources used by patients."
Yet the surgeries also "will be a driver of health care costs,'' and steps need to be taken to address "predisposing modifiable factors such as obesity and to advance efforts at early intervention strategies to treat mild arthritis and to prevent progression'' requiring surgery...
The solution to existing problems is to vote out of office the people whose policies are completely driven by leftist ideology and who are thus unable to think outside that box.
Grandma says it best:
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UPDATE: At the Lonely Conservative..."Former Obama Adviser Steven Rattner Called for Death Panels in NYT Op-Ed"

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