The Weiner legacy: puns gone wild

Chrissy the Hyphenated has a great collection of past NY Post headlines.  The Post was always tops at this sort of thing when I was growing up—when it was the left-wing rag and the Daily News was the right-wing paper.

Now as the conservative, ahem, organ in NYC, the Post has this story (via Pundit & Pundette):

Weiner horning in on successor race


His ego has no bounds.

In a dazzling display of arrogance, disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner is trying to insert himself back into politics -- calling power brokers and would-be candidates for his old seat, hoping they'll let him play a role in choosing his own successor, The Post has learned.
Weiner, who became a national dirty joke after he was caught sexting young women, now wants to be a kingmaker...

[....] He was a leading candidate for the 2013 race to replace Mayor Bloomberg until his political downfall earlier this month, though his fund-raising account still is bulging...

Read the whole thing.


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