I feel like Charlie Brown--yet again

At the rate things keep changing, this post may be obsolete before we've even finished writing it, but here goes anyway...

One more time:

Yup, Congress and all their enablers think we're the stupidest people alive.  And that, sometimes, quaint traditions—like the Constitution—should just fade away.

Keep in mind that many grassroots Republicans have been opposed to Obamacare ever since it was a mere gleam in the progressives' eyes. And now a sizable portion of the "stupid" people in the Democrat party isn't too thrilled with it, either:

...moderate and conservative Democrats have fled on health care. In 2010, as Obamacare careened through a Democratic Congress, 76 percent of center-right Democrats cheered, while 20 percent hissed. By last July 23, only 47 percent of those Democrats endorsed Obamacare; 46 percent disapproved. So, among middle-of-the-road Democrats (57 percent of those surveyed), net support for Obamacare is just 1 percent, the Washington Post and ABC News report...

Yet, despite having what is often laughably described as a representative form of government, here is what the stalwarts in the House GOP came up with to lob over the transom to the Senate after the noble senators, including many so-called Republicans (remember, though, that Caligula had his horse made a senator—there's a message there), stripped the defunding language from the House bill and kicked it back to them:

...Early this morning, the House voted to amend the Senate bill (H. J. Res. 59) with three changes:

1)      It changed the duration of the CR from November 15 to December 15, offering an extra month of government funding.

2)      It repeals the 2.3 per cent medical device tax [Paulsen amendment].

3)      It delays implementation of Obamacare and the rest of the tax increases for one year without defunding the law [Blackburn amendment].  However, it does not delay everything.  All the mandates – guaranteed issue and the slacker mandate – will be left untouched.  These mandates are most responsible for the inexorable rise in insurance premiums.  They also create the most dependency.  There is no way we will ever repeal them if we let them slide now.

Got that?  Who exactly are our "representatives" representing, anyway?

By the way, the unfunded "slacker mandate" is the federally imposed coverage of "children" up to age 26 on their parents' health insurance policies, and "guaranteed issue" is federally mandated coverage regardless of pre-existing conditions—which leads to an adverse-selection death spiral (in simplest terms, that's when nobody bothers to buy insurance, except for the very ill, because it's too expensive).

Read the whole thing.  The post is entitled "Beware The Medical Device Tax Fig Leaf," which seems rather apt since fig leaves are designed to hide members whose function is to screw us.

Ted Cruz spoke long and eloquently about all the myriad reasons why Obamacare is a disaster for individuals, families, and businesses.  But the underlying reason why this beast needs to be slain now, not a month, or a few weeks, or a year from now is that many of the provisions of Obamacare—which aren't even all being delayed under the latest iteration of the House CR—constitute a "morphine drip": 

So what's going to happen if when the Senate turns down the latest House offering? According to Rep. McCarthy,

House GOP whip Kevin McCarthy said the House will send a third government-funding bill with “a few other options” if the Democratic-controlled Senate rejects the bill passed in the House last night, as expected.
“We will pass a bill . . . that will keep the government open, that will reflect the House, that I believe the Senate can accept, that will have fundamental changes to Obamacare that can protect the economy for America,” McCarthy said on Fox News Sunday.
The remarks confirm National Review Online’s reporting yesterday that House leadership is considering an eleventh-hour play like passing a “clean” continuing resolution (CR) with language added to end a subsidy for congressional staffers to purchase health insurance...
They're gonna cave, people.  We knew this all along.
We have, de facto, a three-party system: the Dems, the elected GOP elites and their associated consultants and bootlickers, and what's left of the GOP grassroots (the ones who haven't abandoned ship yet, anyway).
The wimpy party is the one sporting the fig leaves.
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