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Question: When is a scientist not really a scientist?

Ummm...let's see....

George Will put it to a "Republican" presidential candidate:
...For Jon Huntsman: You, who preen about having cornered the market on good manners, recently tweeted, “I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy.”
Call you sarcastic. In the 1970s, would you have trusted scientists predicting calamity from global cooling? Are scientists a cohort without a sociology – uniquely homogenous and unanimous, without factions or interests and impervious to peer pressures or the agendas of funding agencies?
Are the hundreds of scientists who are skeptical that human activities are increasing global temperatures not really scientists?
Here at Redneck Mansion, the answer to this post's title question is: For some people, probably at about the same point that an attorney is not really an attorney.  In an article in the Tompkins Weekly on gas drilling bans and DSEC:
DRAC leaders believe the bans will hold up in court, and have even questioned the motives of the some of the DSEC members. “Our bans will hold up in court. Mr. Kramer states he is an attorney, however, unless one is viscerally educated as to how industry's deliberate, calculated and frankly disturbing practices, one would be ill equipped to comment professionally, about the industry and its effects on our state.
"Viscerally educated"?
Good grief.

Forum on “Water and Energy Development” in Dryden, September 7th

The Dryden Safe Energy Coalition (DSEC) is holding the second in its series of public education meetings on energy development (the first was a legal issues forum held in Binghamton on August 22nd). The second forum is on “Water and Energy Development,” and will be held on Wednesday, September 7th, 7:30 – 9:00 P.M., at the Dryden Fire Hall on Route 13 in the Village of Dryden.  It will be hosted by engineer Ron Szymanski, a member of the Freeville Planning Board, and moderated by Dave Vieser, WHCU morning personality.  The public is invited.

The resistance stiffens

In today's Ithaca Journal:

Dryden -- A new group focused on hydraulic fracturing in Dryden said they are neither pro- nor anti-fracking, and its members do not all have leases, nor do they all have large parcels of land that are appealing to gas companies.

The Dryden Safe Energy Coalition members do not adhere to the "Drill, baby, drill" line of thinking, nor do they support the total drilling ban pending in the Town of Dryden, said Henry Kramer, one of the group's organizers...

RTR and, as always, read the comments, too.

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Recent One of Nine posts regarding the upcoming August 2nd Dryden Town Board vote on a zoning ordinance amendment that would prohibit energy development in the town are here and here.

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