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What were they thinkin'?

Apologies to Dierks Bentley, but that's what people will say when they look back and realize that in 2011 people were stuffing Christmas stockings with—incandescent light bulbs: 

In case you had heard that the ban on Edison's invention had been repealed...well, you know what they say—if it sounds too good to be true...

At (All the Junk That's Fit to Debunk):

...There has been no repeal of the light bulb ban.
The deal agreed to in Congress merely deprives the Department oF Energy the funds to enforce the ban for 2012. The ban is still on the books — so the DOE may very well get the money next year or the year after or who knows when.
Moreover as the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy points out,
… Five manufacturers are now producing and selling efficient incandescent bulbs that meet the standards. With the new budget provision, the law is still in effect, but the Department of Energy cannot spend money to enforce it. Law-abiding companies will follow the law. Less scrupulous companies will take advantage of the lack of enforcement, selling products that waste energy and increase energy costs for consumers….
It is not at all clear whether light bulb manufacturers and sellers will be willing to break the law simply because there is no money to enforce it...
Having an unenforced and unenforceable law on the books...what could possibly go wrong?
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