David Brooks

Down at the Sidetrack Tap

I was looking around for a past David Brooks NYT column and, as always, got sidetracked—ended up reading his column from earlier this week, "The Great Divorce."

It's...well, just read it yourself.

The best part of this particular meandering, though, was coming across a commentary on Brooks' column at a liberal blog:

I regret that I’ve had to be working on something else today, because David Brooks is off the Oblivious Scale today. He has reached a level of cluelessness remarkable even for Brooks...

...Un-freakin’-believable. There hasn’t been this much upper-class-twit obliviousness concentrated in one person since Marie Antoinette.

Actually, I think Chuckles Schumer (thanks for that one, South) ranks right up there with Brooks—but I digress.

And how's this for Brooks-on-a-spit:

It’s like Brooks is some sort of Sisyphean device that has one purpose:  to take any possible social paradigm observation, smash it with a sledgehammer, and reconstruct the bits in order to fit his god-awful worldview of bipartisanship, even if the pieces don’t fit and had nothing to do with the original observation in the first place, and he has to repeat that until the end of time.  There are people that just don’t get it, people that don’t get it on purpose as satire, and then there’s David Brooks (who should be regularly harvested for the rich oil of contempt for anyone who makes less than six figures that he drips with) who somehow manages to make “not getting it” into an exciting new field of scientific endeavor.  I’ve got a fiver that says if Brooks was jammed together with any actual American middle-class salt-of-the-earth family for more than 3 hours, there would be blood all over the carport and a Garden Weasel shoved in a very uncomfortable place upon his person.

In short, libs don't like Brooks because he's a "conservative;" honest-to-God conservatives don't like Brooks because he's not an actual, you know, conservative although he's supposedly the token one at the fishwrap of record.

Face it, David: no one likes you.

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