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US Senate Republican candidates' debate--Long, Maragos, & Turner

The NYS primary is Tuesday, June 26th. Click on the image below to go to "Capital Tonight" where you can watch the debate.

Republican US Senate Candidates Debate on NY1


NY-09 Goes Republican For the First Time Since 1922

At Red State via The Looking Spoon:

....I’ve long said these special elections in New York really are not meaningful at a national level. They’ve served to highlight the incompetence of the New York GOP more than the failures of the national GOP. But in this race, you had a highly competent Democratic Party and union organizers on the ground turning out the vote and they lost. And the most consistent reason through multiple polling is a very simple reason — even Democrats now hate Barack Obama’s job performance...

The snarky but accurate comment above re: the New York GOP notwithstanding, I do like this:

And via the Lonely Conservative, Michael Barone says that Bob Turner's victory is a "stunning repudiation of Chuck Schumer."

I got rhythm,

I got music,

I got Turner

Who could ask for anything more?


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