Gasland with all its errors and misrepresentations goes on and on, continuing to be screened before an adoring public, but what follows seldom sees the light of day. And I thought this kind of interference in matters beyond the scope of governing a small American city only happened in Ithaca. From NewsChannel 34:

The City of Binghamton is looking to help a group of residents in Dimock who say they've run out of clean water.
Wednesday was the last day that Cabot Oil and Gas was forced to deliver daily water supplies to some residents on Carter Road after a drilling operation contaminated their water several years ago. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection okayed the stoppage, agreeing that the water is safe. However, impacted residents say it's not safe to use. They did appeal the DEP's decision, but were denied.  As a result, an effort was spear-headed to get clean water delivered to the residents. Mayor Matt Ryan, who has been a vocal anti-fracking politician, says he is looking at helping the group down in Dimock. For at least one day, the city would provide a water truck to fill water buffaloes that people have near their homes. 
Julie Sautner says residents are willing to pay for the water from an account that has been set up at Montrose Lake. Sautner says the offer for assistance is a temporary relief. "At least we're going to have water. I keep going out there, saying oh my God, how low are we? Because nothing is coming today. We're used to having a delivery everyday. I tell my kids, take ten minute showers, instead of 20 minute showers or whatever."...
No wonder they're out of water.  Read the rest.

At EID Marcellus:

The mayor of a city so down and out it can’t keep its senior services going, fix its sewage treatment plant or collect its water bills is going to use Binghamton City taxpayer funds to serve the ideological desires of a distinct minority (mostly from far outside the City) who would bankrupt this entire State before allowing natural gas development!...

...And, by the way, does the Mayor know he needs a permit to haul water into Pennsylvania?  Has he received a request for Mutual Aid by Dimock Township? Does he know the EPA just found Dimock’s water to be safe?

Witness the unmitigated gall of "interloper" Mayor Ryan speaking to some riled-up Dimock residents:

As we had written in a previous post, the mere sight of NYS tags on a car in Susquehanna County can make some of the natives pretty ornery.  This was another instance of why that is.

Probably the same people shouting for "home rule" in NYS want to be able to tell the people of not only another town but another state what to do.

And Foxy Josh was in Dimock today and was greeted by this:

Energy development's own 99ers are mad as hell and they're not going to take it anymore. It's about time.


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