No Country for Old Men... Barack Obama.

The transcript of the speech is here.

The jawbone of an ass

"The jawbone of an ass is just as dangerous a weapon today as it was in Sampson's time." -- Richard Nixon

So I figure this guy

just wielded one of these in Tampa:

First, Maine delegates were replaced with Romney people. Then, rules chairman John Sununu and GOP Speaker of the House John Boehner stood on stage at the RNC to rule on the compromise rules report. No minority report was mentioned. When asked for yeas and nays on the report, the room seemed equally divided. Boehner forged ahead and approved the report over loud boos and calls of “point of order” from activists on the floor.

No vote on the minority report.

FW’s Dean Clancy observes: “If @SpeakerBoehner had been wielding the Speaker’s gavel instead of the GOP convention gavel, he wouldn’t have gotten away with that trick.”

By all means, read the whole thing.

How about not pulling any punches?

We can hope...for change.

For instance, wouldn't it be refreshing if some Republicans were less concerned with blocking fellow party members from influencing the direction of the party (heaven forbid that there should be a change in direction) and more concerned with justifiably and unabashedly bashing the abysmal presidential record of the current incumbent and his administration?

Like so (try at about the 5:00 mark for just one example):

To read the text of the speech, click here.

Bringing a knife to a gun fight

Come on, guys.  This is what the other side is putting out—an ad, posted on the official Barack Obama campaign YouTube page this past Friday:

There's just one little problem: John Hinderaker at PowerLine says

...The ad is surprisingly ineffective, but it is also dishonest. At least one of the women who pose as “Republican women for Obama” is a long-time Democrat...

...There are liars; there are compulsive liars; and then there is the Obama campaign. If someone took the trouble to track the down the other women in the ad, they would probably find something similar. If you do that, please record your findings in the comments.

UPDATE: OK, I’ve broken through on this via Facebook. More of the women are fake “Republicans.”...

I can just hear someone on the left spluttering, "But the One can't be held responsible for the actions of people working on his campaign!"
And as we all know, the buck has to stop someplace:
So what do our guys do? At Politico:
“I know there are some people who do a very good job acting and pretend they’re something they’re not,” Romney said. “You get what you see. I am who I am.”
To press the point, he said the GOP would even try to turn Obama’s still-high personal favorability rankings back on him at its convention this week, by making the simple case to voters: nice guy, failed president.
Un-frickin'-believable. These people are going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
This isn't simply a case of someone being an incompetent nincompoop (some would say a SCoaMF)—although that may also be true. This is a clash of world views: collectivism v. freedom:

Which do you choose—liberty or tyranny?

And Republicans...we're in dire straits. Based on data from the Treasury and the OMB, the Senate Budget Committee Republican staff under ranking member Jeff Sessions [R-AL] reports that in the last 4 years, the debt increased by more than it did in the previous 17 years.

Can't we take off the kid gloves now?


Sorry, Rich, but this is one time I have to disagree with you.  I seriously doubt that this was what Romney had in mind (great Photoshop, though  smiley  ):


Wendy Long for US Senate!

This ad will be running on Fox News cable in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk, as well as on NY1 in New York City and on YNN. It is scheduled to run for two weeks.


In the Lansing (NY) Star a few days ago:

Tompkins County residents should be watching their mailboxes for their new Tompkins County Prescription Drug Discount Card, a card that provides significant savings on brand-name and generic prescription drugs. The discount cards are being mailed next week to more than 42,000 addresses in Tompkins County. 
Tompkins County government is partnering with ProAct, Inc. to provide uninsured and underinsured residents with the free pharmacy benefits discount card, at no cost to the County. Most prescription drugs are covered, with discounts ranging from 10-20% on brand-name drugs and 20-70% for generics. 
"In these tough economic times, it's exciting and gratifying to offer county residents an easy way to save money on their prescription medications," says Frank Proto, Chair of the County Legislature's Health and Human Services Committee. "The new ProAct drug card will be hitting mailboxes the week of August 19th. Keep alert! Please use the card both locally and nationwide..." what's in it for ProAct?  Don't they compete with firms such as Medco?
Questions like that are good ones for people to ask as a matter of course whenever there are "public-private partnerships"...because such "teamwork" oftren runs counter to free markets.
There's a resource available to those who value free markets, Crony Chronicles. It's got lots of useful links, like this one to a little book entitled, The Morality of Capitalism: What Your Professors Won't Tell You. The distinction between a free-market system and cronyism is made on pg. 9:
...Sadly, “crony capitalism” is a term that can with increasing accuracy also be applied to the economy of the United States, a country in which failed firms are routinely “bailed out” with money taken from taxpayers, in which the national capital is little more than a gigantic pulsating hive of “rent-seeking” lobbyists, bureaucrats, politicians, consultants, and hacks, and in which appointed officials of the Treasury Department and the central bank (the Federal Reserve System) take it on themselves to reward some firms and harm others. Such corrupt cronyism shouldn’t be confused with “free-market capitalism,” which refers to a system of production and exchange that is based on the rule of law, on equality of rights for all, on the freedom to choose, on the freedom to trade, on the freedom to innovate, on the guiding discipline of profits and losses, and on the right to enjoy the fruits of one’s labors, of one’s savings, of one’s investments, without fearing confiscation or restriction from those who have invested, not in production of wealth, but in political power.
And from another link at the site on the topic of health care and cronyism:
...The healthcare industry is rife with examples of cronyism. While much of the industry thrives because people genuinely desire medical services, there is also more than a little cronyism occurring behind the scenes. Much of this cronyism takes the form of people trying to shut down competing services, leaving consumers with fewer options and potentially higher prices to pay...
Yes, it's hard to escape the law of unintended consequences.
And if all this sounds a little esoteric and difficult for many people to apply to their everyday lives, maybe this will help:
There's so much of this stuff going on at every level of government that it's hard to stay on top of it all.
But as someone once said, eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

Suburbs are for sellouts

That, as Stanley Kurtz points out in a recent Forbes article entitled, "How Obama Is Robbing The Suburbs To Pay For The Cities" a large and overlooked theme of Obama’s famous memoir, Dreams from My Father.  Few have noticed the little digs at suburban “sprawl” throughout the book, as when Obama decries a Waikiki jammed with “subdivisions marching relentlessly into every fold of green hill.”  Dreams actually begins with the tale of an African American couple who’ve come to question their move from city to suburb – the implication clearly being that the city is the moral choice...

Here's where I don my

and remind people that we've posted here numerous times over the last year and a half or so about ICLEI and Agenda  21—part and parcel of the things described in Kurtz's new book (about which there have been some shenanigans).

But in an election year and with, as The Lonely Conservative points out, broke local governments still continuing to spend money on this stuff (and they say we're crazy?) it's time to re-visit the topic—or maybe learn about it for the first time.

Be sure to read LC's post as well as Kurtz's Forbes article, both linked above.

Then make sure you vote accordingly in November.

h/t Henry

NYS tuition aid for illegal immigrants...

...what could possibly be bad about that?

We've posted about the NYS DREAM Act previously.  But as The Lonely Conservative points out

New York has a projected budget shortfall of $2 billion. The only state that’s worse is California. Rather than cutting spending, New York Democrats want to spend even more money.

And so we have this to look forward to:

Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants would become eligible to receive government financial aid to attend college in New York under a bill that state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver introduced Friday...

...The Senate's Democratic minority has supported a New York "Dream Act," which they are trying to make a campaign issue for the fall elections to regain the majority from Republicans.

"We commend the speaker for this legislation," said Senate Democratic spokesman Mike Murphy. "This is something that we are extremely supportive of and I think it goes perfectly with our Dream Act legislation that we pushed this year, but was unfortunately blocked by the Senate Republicans."
There was no immediate comment from the Senate's Republican majority nor from Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
Under New York law, illegal immigrant students already pay the lower public college tuition for state residents, rather than the higher rate for those coming from outside New York...
...The bill could be considered in the regular session beginning in January, or in an expected special session after the November elections.
It would be nice if the Senate Republican conference had something to say about this...oh, never mind, they're busy running for re-election.

Gun control is not about the guns...'s about the control.

In the wake of the shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin, Mario's kid has expressed a desire

to crack down on gun violence and form a “consensus” on new laws in next year’s legislative session.
“Gun violence has reached an undeniable point where it’s hard for anyone to refute the damage that’s being done, and I do believe it’s time to find out what else we can do,” Cuomo said.
To which the NYS Senate Republican conference, which of late have been falling all over themselves touting their close ties with the Governor, had this to say:
“We agree with the governor that more can be done to combat criminals who use illegal guns, which account for the overwhelming majority of gun crimes in New York..." we need to worry about Second Amendment rights in this state even more than we already do?  November 6th and the next legislative session should prove interesting.
The University of Colorado will not allow students to bring guns into the Boulder campus's dorms this fall, though residents who have concealed-carry permits will be allowed to keep weapons in a limited number of family housing units, school officials announced Thursday.
That's called ghettoization, folks.  It's what they do.
Here's a highly intelligent student response (note the major):
Jeremy Difilippo, a geography major at CU who shares an Athens North apartment with his brother, said he doesn't believe guns should be allowed in his building.
"I don't think this is a threatening environment," he said Thursday, outside of his apartment at 19th and Athens streets. "It doesn't seem like a place people need to bring guns."
Well, that sort of thinking turned out well in another college setting, didn't it?
And as someone once said who had reason to know:
Combine the criminal element in society (who couldn't care less about gun control laws because they're, you know, criminals) with the fact that the mentally ill you will always have with you and you get situations like the ones in Colorado and Wisconsin recently.  And Washington, DC.  Oh, you don't know about that one?  There's a reason for that.
And when guns are outlawed—or so restricted that it amounts to the same thing—then only the government will have guns. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, doesn't it?  Ask any European Jew how that worked out for them.  No, wait...there aren't many European Jews any more, not compared with before WWII.  Hmmm.  I wonder why.
And what can you expect in a society that has so little respect for life, starting here
Maybe if we did a better job as a culture of instilling an appreciation for the the sanctity of life, for how precious, miraculous, and fleeting life is from the start all the way to the nursing home, we'd have fewer situations like the ones that seem to be prompting Governor Cuomo to think that gun control is the answer.
And if they could speak, the 56 million people murdered by their own governments in the 20th century might point out that gun control is a prerequisite of genocide.
Oh, wait...we already have genocide... 

Moonbat montage

Via (where else?) Moonbattery.  The song is by Darryl Worley.

I've posted some of these cartoons here and others I've sent to friends...they'll look familiar wink


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