SHOCKER: Republican States Have The Best Public Schools In The Country, By A Long Shot

Ace writes:

"What are blue states getting in exchange for bankrupting themselves, exactly?"

We here at Redneck Mansion wonder the same thing.

He's referring to a Newsweek survey (and an earlier Washington Post survey) that Bard College professor Walter Russell Mead wrote about a few days ago on his blog Via Meadia (poor Prof. Mead is probably the Bill Jacobson of Bard, a conservative voice crying in the wilderness of NYS colleges).  In it, Mead writes:

...Defenders of the high tax, high regulation, highly unionized model of state governance that characterizes the blue states like to point to their higher quality of government services as justification for the taxes they pay and the regulations they accept.

Let those crackers and hillbillies in the red states wallow in their filth and their ignorance, say proud upholders of the blue state model.  We blue staters believe in things like quality education — and that costs money.

In theory, perhaps, but in practice the extraordinary achievement of so many red state schools strongly supports the idea that blue state governance is no friend to excellence in education...

Granted, these kinds of surveys are self-selecting—for instance, my alma mater (I'll let you guess which one wink) appears in the top 35 of the Newsweek survey , but not at all in the Washington Post survey, presumably because the school chose to participate in one but not the other. Similarly, Ithaca High School doesn't appear in the Newsweek survey, but does appear in the 800s on the Washington Post survey (along with Tburg)—of course, the Newsweek survey only lists their top 500 public high schools in the country, so maybe our Tompkins County schools just didn't make the cut.

You can read about the survey methodology at the Post and at Newseek at those links...and Mead makes valid points.  Read the whole thing.