Hic sunt dracones

I ended a post below with "But people are starting to wise up."  Today, John Hinderaker at PowerLine has a post Are Young People Wising Up?

 ...these poll data suggest that some youngsters who voted for Obama in 2008 may be sadder but wiser today:

A new poll found that a majority of younger voters disapprove of President Obama's handling of the economy.

...Unemployment among young people, including college graduates, is stratospheric.

Seventy-seven percent of poll respondents are delaying major life changes due to economic restraints while 27 percent said that they were delaying going back to school or entering professional training programs.

In many instances, "delaying major life changes due to economic restraints" means not moving out of Dad's basement. Today's younger generation may or may not have a future; that's the bad news. The good news is that most of them realize that, and a large percentage understand that economic growth of the sort that can only come from a vibrant free market is their only hope.

Their only hope not only in economic terms, but in terms of individual freedom. From a great column by Jonah Goldberg at NRO, Simply Madness:

...When people start talking about capping, halting, or managing economic growth, what they really mean is capping, halting, and managing freedom....

[....] Economic growth is an enemy of all central planners for the simple reason that growth jumps the guardrails of The Plan; it changes the aesthetically appealing flat line of the steady state and makes it jagged. Growth creates new products, destroys old ones, and allows people to behave in ways that render PowerPoint projections dismayingly obsolete. Worse, it takes power from the planners.

In order to herd people back onto the official path, planners must tell them that what exists outside the guardrails is too terrifying to contemplate. “Beyond here there be monsters” is the posted sign at every guardrail...

While I understand that the "youngsters" ages 18-29 who were surveyed in the aforementioned poll may find it frightening to step out into an unknown world of personal freedom and responsibility, it's either that or this:

Let's hope the "youngsters" (and the "oldsters") really are wising up.