Fighting Fire with Quotas, part deux

Ah, yes, a trip down memory lane, from three months ago today.  I figured we hadn't heard the end of this:

In April, Dayton decided to eliminate the written exam altogether and recruit based on subjective oral interviews. The city threw out all scores because too many whites passed. Should the white candidates decide to sue, they might have a huge legal leg to stand on...

[....] The purpose of civil rights laws is to remove racial considerations from the selection process, and civil service exams were created to ensure that candidates are hired for government jobs on merit and not on political patronage or personal favor. The government has subverted the process in favor of one where “diversity,” not fairness or merit, has become the highest principle.

Read the rest of La Shawn Barber's column at PajamasMedia.

And as I had pointed out in the earlier post, Barber just happens to be—black.  Not that it matters one whit since she clearly merits the attention she receives in the blogosphere.  Just sayin'.