Update to "Gasland" post

In an earlier post, we embedded Phelim McAleer's little video that demonstrated that Gasland's director, Josh Fox, by his own admission had been unethical in presenting information in his film.  Thanks to Chrissy the Hyphenated who's keeping me on track on this topic, we have this information from McAleer:

Josh Fox has responded to valid journalistic questions about his documentary Gasland by stifling the freedom of the press.

As you probably  know, I traveled to Chicago for a Q&A where I forced Fox to admit the documentary hid facts that contradicted his scaremongering about drilling for natural gas.

And Fox's response when we posted the video on YouTube - he got his lawyers to have YouTube pull it down.

That's right - he has tried to use lawyers to silence a journalist from asking difficult questions and putting his answers on the Internet.

Fox's excuse is a breach of copyright. In a video that is 3:10 minuntes long, we used 26 seconds of Gasland only to show how Fox was being unethical and misleading. It is a classic case of "fair use" of someone's work for the purpose of criticism and is totally legally allowed if not encouraged under fair use law.

But Fox does not want any criticism. He does not want any freedom of speech.

We now have to hire lawyers to try and have our journalism restored to our own YouTube channel. In the meantime we have put the video up on Vimeo (a YouTube rival). You can see it here until Fox and his lawyers try to force Vimeo to pull it down.

Here it is...we'll see how long this one lasts:

Gasland director hides full facts from Not Evil Just Wrong on Vimeo.