"In Snowy Syracuse, a December That’s Whiter Than Usual" and wintry Britain

From today's NYT, a story on our neighbor to the north. Global warming, anyone?

And from The Telegraph and Daniel Hannan, whom I love (must be the British accent):

George Monbiot: This cold weather is caused by – you guessed it – global warming!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

Apparently, Britain is in a sort of wintry salient, squeezed between two hotter areas. It’s all to do with sea ice reflecting the sun....

For all I know, Monbiot may be right. It just seems remarkably convenient that any climatic trend is the fault of greenhouse gases . Getting hotter? Global warming! Getting cooler? Global warming! Average overcast October day? Gaea is on her last legs!

Although I am sceptical of some of the political schemes put forward in the name of the Rio-Kyoto-Copenhagen-Cancun agenda, I have so far refrained from entering into a debate about the meteorology, being acutely aware that I have no scientific qualification. But I’m starting to realise that this doesn’t inhibit anyone else; possibly because, for partisans on both sides, it was never about the science in the first place.