Schickel Announces for Dryden Supervisor

Bruno Schickel's press release:

Bruno Schickel, a lifelong resident of the Town of Dryden, born and raised on a Ferguson Road dairy farm, announced that he is a candidate for the office of Dryden Town Supervisor

Schickel is a successful local businessman who created and has run Schickel Construction Company since 1985.  The Dryden based Company provides a dozen jobs for our economy.

 Schickel said, “I’ve lived in Dryden my whole life. Now my hometown faces many challenges and opportunities and needs a leader who can accomplish more with our limited resources. That’s why I’m running.”

“Key issues include:

  • More efficient local spending;
  • Lowering the property tax burden;
  • Thoughtful zoning modifications to keep housing affordable while avoiding excess regulations that lower land values;
  • Slow, careful and balanced gas drilling policies that will unite neighbors and friends through thoughtful communication with all town residents; and,
  • Connecting Dryden residents with their neighboring communities by a network of trails on the old railroad track beds.”

“As New York State nears a property tax cap, local government will need to operate more effectively and apply lessons from the private sector.  We need to make Dryden government more efficient.”

“I’m a local employer putting local people to work. My business leadership experience gives me the tools required during this time of financial stress.”

“We need common sense leadership and good communication with all of our friends and neighbors so that we can find the right solution’s to all of our current and future challenges and opportunities.”

SchickeI is eager to hear from fellow citizens about those issues with which they are most concerned.  His phone number is (607) 227-4791.  Give Bruno Schickel a call and talk with him.