Support the 2011 Troopathon!

Move America Forward (MAF) is sponsoring the 4th annual Troopathon and One of Nine is participating.  What's the point?  The goal of Troopathon is simple: Send care packages to our troops, as many as we can get sponsored in a single 8-hour show. Like the MDA telethon in September, a lot of the donations are collected in advance of the actual "telethon."  This year's Troopathon will be an 8-hour live webcast on June 23rd, 4pm—midnight.  MAF is till getting together the 2011 video but to whet your appetite, here's the 2010 video: 

One of Nine is part of the Hot Air Steamers team along with Hot Air, Maggie's Notebook, The Lonely Conservative, and No Sheeples Here. Other participating blogs on other teams include American Thinker, Free Republic, Andrew Bostom, ad Dei Gloriam, Jihad Watch, Creeping Sharia, and Atlas Shrugs.  

It's sort of a competition (I'm not competitive or anything—ahem), so click on the graphic over there in the right sidebar and donate today on behalf of One of Nine and the Hot Air Steamers...and then watch the Troopathon on June 23rd.