This should sound frighteningly familiar

As we noted in an earlier post, "The town and city of Ithaca, the Town of Dryden and Tompkins County are all members of ICLEI."

For additional information on ICLEI, see "Do You Live In a One-World-Government ‘Sustainable’ Community Yet?"  A few points:

  • "ICLEI, or the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, was established in 1990 at the World Congress of Local Governments for a Sustainable Future, at the United Nations in New York."
  • "Sustainability” and ICLEI and United Nation’s Agenda 21, which was adopted at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, are synonymous."

and best of all

  • "ICLEI member cities pay their annual dues using local taxpayer money, which is used to pay city employees who work to carry out ICLEI’s programs."

So what do we do about this? "The ICLEI membership is renewable annually. Go all-out Alinsky on this! Stop the renewal..."

And read the whole thing.
h/t David