Raising Cain

On the one hand, there's this from RightWingNews, via Moonbattery:

Denver, CO, April 5, 2011– Raising Red PAC and Raising Red Action Fund launched Tuesday, April 5th at www.raisingred.com with the mission of raising money to support the Republican nominee and defeat President Obama in the 2012 presidential election.

Launched by the activist team of Charlie Smith, former College Republican National Committee President; Kellen Giuda, New York City Tea Party co-founder and former Tea Party Patriots Board of Directors member; and conservative Blogger John Hawkins, Raising Red PAC and Raising Red Action Fund were born from a need for an innovative and forward-thinking political operation focused on candidates that will solve the problems that have been passed on to the Millennial Generation by decades of irresponsible politicians....

On the other, there are the skeptical comments on this idea at the Moonbattery post, as well as this:

In Kentucky, the Establishment Fights the Tea Party … Again  

This year's only hotly contested governor's race heats up.

Kentucky’s 2010 Republican Senate primary gained national attention when tea party-backed Rand Paul challenged Republican establishment candidate Trey Grayson. That scenario appears to be playing out again with Kentucky’s Republican gubernatorial race, pitting state Senate President David Williams against Louisville businessman, and tea party-favorite, Phil Moffett.

This 2011 election could not be more important considering Kentucky’s dire fiscal situation. Recently named by Forbes magazine the worst-run state in the U.S. (even over California!), Kentucky is basically a welfare state, getting 50% more money back from the federal government than it puts in. Plus, Kentucky faces large Medicaid budget gaps and high amounts of bonded debt, leading Moody’s Investor Services to downgrade Kentucky’s bond ratings just last week.

In lieu of fixing the budget, current Democratic Governor Steve Beshear and Democratic legislators prefer to roll over the debt to the following year, moving “$166.5 million of General Fund dollars from FY2012 to FY2011.” But the tea party wants to see legislators sort out the financial issues now, instead of continuing to pass it down to Kentucky’s children. The fiscal crisis has taken center stage with the tea party, making the governor’s race their main focus for 2011....

[....] But as the only hotly contested gubernatorial election in 2011, tea party groups nationwide are taking notice of the Kentucky race and its Republican primary. The Western Representation PAC and its chairman, Joe Miller, recently pledged to donate $100,000 to Moffett’s campaign — a number that nearly doubles Moffett’s campaign treasury. It’s a far cry from the more than $1 million raised by Williams and his establishment supporters, but, as we’ve seen in other elections, the power of the tea party can stretch further than the dollar. And statements from some tea party supporters that they won’t support Williams even if he wins the primary make for a startling warning to Kentucky’s Republican voters.

Do read the whole thing—it's really interesting.

And then there's Harry Reid:

“The country doesn’t care much about the tea party. There is a new CNN poll out today that says this very directly. Well more than — let’s put it this way: The people who care about the tea party are a very small number who care about them positively.” 

“The Tea Party is not looked at very strongly around the country.The only attention they get is in the House of Representatives."

Um, not so much.