Zoning--the continuing saga

This Wednesday, December 8th, 7pm, is the Town of Dryden's work session/agenda meeting (these meetings are the second Wednesday, i.e., the week before the regular Town Board meetings) where the new zoning laws are being reworked. This session is slated to deal with the density concepts presented in the "Amended Zoning Law " booklet.  As asked for at the last meeting, there is considerably more information now available online at http://dryden.ny.us/environmental-planning/proposed-zoning-law-resources-page. (h/t Kathy)


From Kathy:

....The zoning discussion probably starts around 7:45 and may go until 10....I am going to call tomorrow (Monday, 12/6) and ask that the public be given copies of the zoning matters the Board expects to discuss.  They put together a mini-agenda based on questions, emails, and concerns raised by the public, and I think copies should be available to the public.  There were  public copies for October...but none available for the November meeting...I would like to see this posted early on so we the people have an opportunity to study and prepare the subjects to be discussed.