He's a Squish

So, the House voted today to pull NPR off the public teat, a bill that won't go anywhere in the Democratic-controlled Senate.  Bills like this are a chance for members to stand on principle -- or not.

Richard Hanna (NY-24) was one of only seven House Republicans to vote against the defunding in what was mostly a party line vote. There are a couple of ways to look at this (if you have more, put them in the comments):
  • Hanna isn't really the fiscal conservative he was billed as.  In the campaign, we heard, "Yes, he isn't so much a social conservative, but at least he is a fiscal conservative."  Well, it doesn't look so far like he is either.
  • Or, maybe, knowing that the bill wasn't going anywhere, and that it would pass anyway, Hanna thought that throwing a bone to the left would build up some good will for a re-election bid.  This is the sort of game Mike Arcuri played last time around, and no one bought that either.  
We're expecting that reps we send to Washington will say what they mean and mean what they say.  
This vote says that Hanna is a squish.


...or perhaps, in this specific case, he felt that it was a worthwhile expenditure of taxpayer money.

Idle speculation. Let's get the facts, man, just the facts. Someone could simply ask him why he voted this way.

<p> I think <a href="http://auburnpub.com/news/opinion/blogs/eye_on_albany/article_ef37c226-511c-11e0-b921-001cc4c002e0.html">this</a> may help.</p>