Ithaca, Wisconsin, and the DSA

DSA? The Direct Selling Association? The Driving Standards Agency?  Nope, the DSA is the Democratic Socialists of America, the largest Socialist organization in the US, which works closely with the Democratic Progressive Caucus. Although there have only been 26 local chapters of this organization since it was officially formed in 1983, one of them is the Ithaca Democratic Socialists of America.

No surprises there, I guess.  So what's the connection to what's been going on in Wisconsin the last few weeks? From New Zeal:

No State Senator bears more responsibility for the recent events in Madison, Wisconsin than Mark Miller. As Democrat minority leader, Mark Miller led a a boycott of all 14 Democrat State Senators. The group all bailed to neighboring Illinois on February 17, denying Republicans a quorum in the Wisconsin State Senate, so they could not pass Governor Scott Walker's controversial "Budget Repair Bill"....

[....] I have written here,  hereherehereherehere and here on efforts by the U.S.'s largest Marxist organization  Democratic Socialists of America to fan the Wisconsin flames, into a nationwide anti- GOP movement.

D.S.A. has a policy of infiltrating and influencing state legislatures nationwide. DSAers members and sympathizers posing as Democrats,  hold key positions in several state legislatures, including in New York, Michigan, Illinois, Maryland, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Wisconsin. These covert socialist supporters are then used to put D.S.A. drafted legislation before their legislatures and agitate and lobby for its passage.

As the most powerful Democrat in the Wisconsin State Senate, Mark Miller would be an obvious target of D.S.A. attention.

Is there any evidence that this has occurred? 

In 2005, Ithaca New York based D.S.A. leader Theresa Alt, wrote a review of D.S.A.'s activities in the 2004 Senate, Congress and state legislature elections, in  Democratic LeftWinter 2004/2005 edition, page 8.

Under the heading "How did our candidates do?", Alt listed D.S.A. successes and failures in several states, including Wisconsin.

Mark Miller, then just elected to his first term in the State Senate, rated a mention.

You can read the rest.
In today's Ithaca Journal is a letter to the editor on the so-called millionaires tax:
The rich can afford higher income tax rate
"How they voted at the Tompkins Legislature" was perhaps the most interesting item in the March 7 Ithaca Journal.
First, note a little history: In the 1980s, the New York state income tax on high incomes was more than 15 percent. The state used to pass this money to local governments and schools. In the 1990s, Albany — first under Mario Cuomo and then under George Pataki — cut these rates in half, and with less state income, less aid went to localities. This shifted the tax burden for schools, police, fire and streets to the local sales and property tax — taxes which are much less fair. Now Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to cut the top tax rate further.
People are starting to catch on. The Tompkins County Legislature unanimously passed the resolution "Supporting the Extension of the Tax Surcharge on Wealthy New Yorkers to Improve Equity in Taxation and Help Close the State's Projected Budget Gap."
Gov. Cuomo should take heed. We should go beyond this bipartisan consensus; the rich could afford to go back to the 15 percent rate.
Signed by none other than
Theresa F. Alt, Ithaca
She merited a page of her own at KeyWiki.
Just sayin'.