Sustainability notes

The Dryden Town Board is putting something called sustainability onto Dryden’s radar.   It sounds like motherhood and apple pie... how could you be against it? The Sustainability Planning Framework mentions lots of attractive things like quality of life, safety, biodiversity and jobs.  But what does the “sustainability community” mean by sustainability? 

To some, sustainability primarily refers to energy efficiency or to the slightly broader principles of efficient resource conservation. To others, sustainability requires radical changes in our social and political institutions.  Indeed, some proponents of sustainable development argue for "socially just development world-wide" that "should attempt to address important social and political issues related to the inequitable allocation of the world's resources.  Still others envision sustainability as a fundamental human right.

-- Carl J. Circo, “Does Sustainability Require New Theory of Property Rights?”, 58 U. Kan. L. Rev. 91 2009-2010


Hey, efficiency sounds great, but what are these “radical changes” and what might they mean for property rights?  What is the agenda of the sustainability movement, and what are its tactics?