Rush To Judgement

Various blogs are suggesting that Richard Hanna "plagiarized" his reasoning for voting against the extention of the PATRIOT Act, making his case using passages similar to those published in a Cato Institute blog by Julian Sanchez.

However, as reported in the Auburn Citizen,

Sanchez, a Cato Institute research fellow, said in an e-mail Tuesday that he is “not at all bothered” by Hanna using nearly the same words in his piece. In fact, Sanchez said Hanna’s office sought his help.
“Representative Hanna reaches out to a lot of policy experts, and he and Mr. Sanchez are closely aligned on the issue of the Patriot Act,” Hanna communications director Renee Gamela said. “Mr. Hanna sought Mr. Sanchez’s expert advice on this issue, and he offered his assistance for this particular piece.”
There is a bit of space between consulting, or even ghostwriting, and plagiarism.