The Republicans Who Voted to Preserve Funding For Planned Parenthood

Not OK in my book.  From the Washington Examiner, via Weasel Zippers:


Even if you're not a social conservative, funding for Planned Parenthood is a fiscal and a campaign finance issue. Currently, taxpayers are effectively subsidizing the Democratic Party. Planned Parenthood is a charity with plenty of donors. There's no reason why taxpayers should have to support their favorite charity so that they can give more of their money to Democrats. 


Now here are the Republicans who voted to preserve Planned Parenthood funding: Charlie Bass, N.H., Judy Biggert, Ill., Mary Bono-Mack, Calif., Charlie Dent, Pa., Robert Dold, Ill., Richard Hanna, N.Y. (emphasis mine), Rodney Frelinghuysen, N.J.

Most of these are unsurprising, but note Hanna, who is quickly becoming the most disappointing freshman Republican. He also voted earlier this week to keep funding the 17-year-old COPS program. And I'm also pleasantly surprised to see that Nan Hayworth, R-N.Y., voted aye and is not on this list.


<div class="content"> <p> Richard Hanna voted no against cuts to PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting too. Disappointing!</p> <p> See the following (highly partisan in slant) Syracuse article on the cuts...<br /> <a href="" title=""></a></p> </div>