She's Really Out There... Again

Once again, U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) has staked out and held a fringe position.  

This past week, the Senate wisely voted to repeal one of the dumbest ideas in ObamaCare, that being the requirement that businesses were required to file a 1099 tax form every time they bought more than $600 worth of goods or services from a single vendor.  
This would have meant that anytime any business, down to the independent contractor that bought an iPad or cell phone contract, did almost anything, they would have to generate and file a blizzard of paperwork.  This was an immense burden, which was implemented to catch mythical legions of businesses supposedly cheating the government out of "their tax receipts".
The reason was wrong, the solution was wrong, and the outcry was real.  The Senate blinked, voting 81 to 17 to repeal the provision that even President Obama eventually called "counterproductive."
Who was among the 17 that hung with the bad idea?  Our own Kirsten Gillibrand, doubling down.
I am reminded of the "Child-Whoring Pimp Assistance 7", who in an infamous 83-7 vote in the Senate in September, 2009,  refused to defund ACORN, even in the wake of its illegal support of sex trafficking and willingness to exploit underaged girls as exposed on undercover videos.  Who's in the seven?  Once again, it's Kirsten holding down the fringe.