CT has UConn, NYS has...UCon?

Who could possibly object to this?

ALBANY — A statewide initiative will start to expand opportunities for prisoners to get college degrees, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Sunday...

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From our own inimitable contributor, Publius:


To obtain your free college education, courtesy of Governor Cuomo, just commit a felony and go to jail!  Do not accept probation or parole.
Our experts can help you find a crime that carries a four year sentence so you can get that four year college degree.  And, don't worry about distractions.  You'll be free to concentrate on your studies in your own "room" in the prison while receiving three meals a day at State taxpayer expense.  Good prison libraries and high speed access to the web guaranteed.
We know prisons and can help you apply to the right one.  Just fill out our form and tick off the boxes of the Cuomo supplied amenities.  Need tennis courts?  Weight lifting rooms?  We can tell you how to get to the right accommodations.  For just $1,000 we can help you stage a felony that will open the door to these riches.
If you have children in need of free college educations, our experts can tell you which crimes are most likely to enable them to join in this program.
NY is open for felons.  Get tax breaks, free food and lodging, free degrees.  Cuomo loves you.
Show your thanks to our governor, send money to the Cuomo campaign, DeBlasio Street Lefties Asylum, South Bronx, NY.