Solar plexus

I hear a blow to this area can cause a loss of consciousness. That's what must have happened to the guy who wrote a guest viewpoint that appreared recently in both the Ithaca Journal and the Elmira Star-Gazette--he doesn't appear to have been conscious when he composed it:

Solar panels on your roof? Create your own electricity? Why not? Especially if your roof is not totally north-facing and not shaded by trees or buildings.
My wife and I as well as our daughter and son are all scheduled for installation by a local contractor late next spring. Cost? $0 down with a 20-year lease. The best part is not that New York and the federal government offer a zero-cost subsidy to any home owner, nor is it the electric cost savings achieved in one’s monthly bill. The best part is each solar house will reduce greenhouse gases that are killing our planet....
Look--I have no problem with "alternate energy" (or people who feel virtuous about using it) as long as it can stand on its own financial feet and doesn't amount to yet another form of income redistribution in the form of taxpayer subsidies.
Here's Tom Reynolds' take on it:
The anti-fracking crowd continues delivering half-truths and deceptions; facts cause them enormous problems.
Gilroy spends half his opinion scaring people about coal mining in Pennsylvania, which has as much relevance to hydro-fracking as a party line telephone has to today’s cell phones. Perhaps he learned this technique from “Gasland”, which was as much of a documentary as “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter”.
His comments on gas drilling are the usual talking points which do not bear up under closer scrutiny. They are great scare tactics to use on the uninformed since they deceive readers with half-truths and misconceptions. 
He brags about Germany’s solar industry, but here are additional facts about Germany worth noting. According to studies by the Fraunhofer Institute, only 5.3% of Germany’s electrical power comes from solar, and their national goal is to get 80% from solar by…2050. (Solar power would power the entire country from about noon to 2 pm). It is the smallest “major” source of Germany’s electricity. 
Solar is also heavily subsidized in Germany, as it is in the US, but it has a big financial problem in that their electrical grid faces a costly expansion to accommodate further growth. (That same electrical grid expansion in the US is estimated to cost as much as $2 trillion.) And Gilroy concludes by saying the “price is right” to go solar in 2014; that sounds like the same economic timeliness we heard about the Obama’s UNaffordable Care Act. But the green energy folks have never let economic and budget consequences be a factor in their position.
Oh yes, the US is poised to add more solar power than Germany will add in 2014. Of course, none of it will be produced by Solyndra!
Upstate New York is economically dying because the “Greens”' deceptions have paralyzed the governor. Green advocates such as Gilroy should be thanked by the unemployed and underemployed for keeping them unemployed, underemployed--and leaving NY for jobs elsewhere.
As for "the greenhouse gases that are killing our planet", well...