Sunday Night Reading

Our Nation is at the Tipping Point, by Richard Hanna

"What we cannot do is tax, borrow, and spend our way into prosperity. Government spending is a drain on real consumption and investment. Your money is best left in your hands; the government is not entitled to your money simply because the government makes poor decisions and its costs go up."

Republicans Embrace Obama Rail Initiative, referring to Rep. John Mica (R-Fla.), the chairman of the House Transportation Committee and Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.), the chairman of the railroad subcommittee.

A couple of the reader comments:

"Good grief! Looks like the Tea Party still needs to do some house-cleaning in the coming 2012 primaries. Why do we need high speed trains - so AMTRAK can lose money at a faster rate? This is incredibly stupid and a waste of money. Earth to Congress - if high speed trains are viable economically, the private sector will build them for you."

"I live in Oregon. I just went to Congressman Shuster's website to send him an e-mail telling him that if he didn't vote against this boondoggle of an idea that I would be donating to his opponent in the next primary. He only takes e-mails from people in his district. So I called the 800# on his website and received a message that he would not accept my call because it is not from his district. I plan to call the D.C. number tomorrow morning and urge everyone else to do the same. I am stunned that a person in charge of my tax dollars blocks attempts by me to communicate with him. I'm sure his opponent in the next race will take my call."


Not only is high speed rail not economic outside certain very dense corridors, to propose spending on such a project when the President should realize that new projects are inconsistent with reducing federal outgo is both untimely and out of touch.

Of course the President realizes this. His proposals are about control - why do you think he has done nothing to bring down the price of gas? It plays into this need for "public transport infrastructure."