Hey, New Yorkers--are you feeling SAFEr yet?

Me, neither.

In fact, quite the opposite.

Today, NYS State Senator Mike Nozzolio addressed a crowd of about 200 at the second meeting of the United Gun Owners of New York State at the South Seneca Sportsmen's Club in Ovid, Seneca County. In addition to recounting how the SAFE Act was passed and signed by Emperor Cuomo within 24 hours (while no definitive decisison has been made on hydrofracking in NYS despite having been studied and commented on for five years), he reiterated a couple of the points he made at the big rally against the SAFE Act in Albany on February 28:

  • We don't have a constitutional right to hunt deer; we have a constitutional right to bear arms.
  • We're using our First Amendment rights to stand up for our Second Amendment rights.

I tend to think of his second point in reverse....there's a reason why the Second Amendment is the Second Amendment and not the fourth or the eighth or whatever.  That's because that right to keep and bear arms that shall not be infringed—what's hard to understand about that?—needed to follow immediately on the heels of the First in order to defend those First Amendment rights.  The placement of the right to keep and bear arms was not random.

The senator also spent at least 20 minutes answering good questions from the audience.

Between Nozzolio's remarks and the other information provided at the meeting, some practical steps that us ordinary folks can take emerged:

  • It may not be practical to repeal the SAFE Act, although repeal would be Nozzolio's as well as most people's preference—the problem is, of course, that an awful lot of people who voted for the SAFE Act to begin with would have to change their minds...and Cuomo would veto a repeal in any event.  But it's that magical time of the year—budget season in Albany. Executing (so to speak) the SAFE Act would cost state taxpayers $36M this year.  Nozzolio says one way to stop the SAFE Act is to defund it. Contact your assemblymen and women and state senators—even the barking moonbats like Babs Lifton—and tell them you want the SAFE Act defunded. THIS CONTACT NEEDS TO BE MADE IN THE NEXT 72 HOURS. These budgetary issues are being settled right now.
  • You may or may not have heard of Assemblyman Felix Ortiz's attempt to force gun owners to purchase $1M liability insurance (does this sound like another recent law forcing an insurance purchase?). Since there is now a co-sponsor in the Senate, it's possible that this could actually get legs, but right now it's still in the insurance committee.  It needs to die in committee.  Here you go (click to embiggen):
  • Senator Nozzolio said that the courts may be the best chance we have of overturning the SAFE Act. Make yourself knowledgable about what's going on in the courts.
  • If you haven't yet joined the NRA and/or the NYS Rifle & Pistol Association and S.C.O.P.E. (Shooters Committee on Political Education, a volunteer organization protecting gun ownership and Second Amendment rights of New York citizens), please consider doing so. If you get on the NYSRPA and SCOPE mailing lists, you will be kept up to date on all the latest concerning the SAFE Act.
  • Check the United Gun Owners of NYS website and Facebook page often—things are changing fast. 

By the way, at Assemblywoman Lifton's town hall meeting in Trumansburg in February, she was asked why the Second Amendment was even part of the Bill of Rights. Her answer?  It was there because Americans needed to defend themselves against the British in 1775.