Santayana's revenge

Those who misquote Jorge Augustin Nicolas de Santayana y Borras are condemned to paraphrase him.

What George Santayana actually wrote was, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

No doubt in view of the fact that the Obama administration has been buying and storing vast amounts of ammunition in recent months, once again the story about how the young Bill Ayers & Company in the Weather Underground had no problem with the idea of murdering millions of recalcitrant Americans in order to birth their brave new world is being reiterated:

Mark Levin has his own ideas about all that ammo-buying by the government, but as far as Ayers is concerned, I think he long ago figured out that he didn't need to murder millions of Americans nor did he have to lock up the survivors in re-education camps...all he had to do is help ensure that public education in the US was entirely—lock, stock, and barrel—in the hands of his fellow Marxists. The public schools would be his "re-education camps."

Think about much American history—never mind world history—do you or your family members actually know?  Now be honest. Would you recognize that history is being repeated if you saw it happening in front of your eyes?

Take a look at this collection of political cartoons from the Great Depression era (and the collection is from 2009, so it's been around awhile itself).  Here's a sample:

That one's from 1931.  There's nothing new under the sun, is there?

Check out the rest of the cartoons here and here.

Since a picture really is worth a thousand words, I'd suggest passing these along to the low-information voters you know.  Just be aware that 1) they will likely be suspicious of the messenger and so not especially receptive to the message, and 2) they will be reluctant to admit that they've been hoodwinked by the left and so will be unwilling to change course.

But we must persist.

At the very least, educate yourself and if you have school-age children at home, homeschool—while you still can.