Paying taxes is about as much fun as a root canal

This concept takes on a whole new meaning under Obamacare. That's Steve Martin over there to your left, playing an IRS agent.

Via the Lonely Conservative:

With all the chatter about the fiscal cliff, you may not have heard of a tax change that will take effect on January 1 — and why going to the dentist now may be the right response to it.

If you’re under 65, on January 1 your medical tax deduction rate (including expenses for dental work) will take a big jump from 7.5% of gross income to 10%. (No change for folks 65 and older.)...
...So if you’re under 65 and have been putting off having dental work done, wait no longer — and do NOT accept an appointment in January.
The article points out that the "why" of what amounts to a dental tax is to help pay for the astronomical cost of Obamacare.  But I take something else away from it, too—with all the grievance politics that this administration has been playing, this is just another form of "warfare"...age warfare.  After all, aren't all those evil over-65ers, including our friends and loved ones, given special treatment here, and isn't their very existence the reason why we're in this health care-and-entitlements pickle to begin with?
Don't fall for it.
And I hope all the low-information (but not necessarily low-income) voters out there who voted for Obama not just once but twice are happy with the deleterious impact your own choices are having on your personal bottom line.