A Journey Starts With a Single Step

The Stop The OverPrinting (STOP) Act, co-sponsored by Rep. Richard Hanna (NY-24) and passed by the House of Representatives, eliminates the mandatory and wasteful printing of every introduced bill in Congress and instead uses technology to ensure that bills are available online for anyone to examine.  The bill provides savings and (more importantly) accountable and open government.  It's close to my heart since my day job is digital library technology.

It's not a huge savings, but it's a step, right within the "sphere of influence" of Congress.  Let's all take local steps for accountable and open government.

When I looked it up, I thought there would have been hundreds of co-sponsors, but there were only 15.  The bill passed the house 399-0. 

Oh, and a House majority voted 245 to 189 to repeal ObamaCare.  That's a step in the right direction, too.