Poet's Landing decision reached

Follow-up to an earlier post:  Last night, the Dryden Village Planning Board approved the Poet's Landing development, with conditions.  Two members voted "yes, reluctantly." (h/t Kathy)

Here's tomorrow's Journal news today:

Dryden planning board OKs controversial new development


DRYDEN - The village planning board unanimously approved a preliminary site plan review of the controversial Poet's Landing housing development at its regular meeting Thursday evening. 

The proposed neighborhood, which will have subsidized low-income housing, will comprise 10 apartment buildings and a larger seniors complex with a total of 144 units, at 111 Freeville Road, on 11 acres of a 45-acre parcel that includes wetlands across from Dryden High School.

Although the board's vote was unanimous, member Les Cleland said he voted yes reluctantly, based on the fact that the development will add traffic near the high school and will have an effect on "the safety of children who will have to cross the street, and children walking from the village." ...

About two dozen residents were at the meeting, and most were unhappy with the project, for either safety concerns based on its proximity to the high school, or because of the possibility it could make flooding worse...

To mitigate safety concerns, the project will include a cross walk, signs and flashing yellow lights at the intersection between the high school and the development, and a large holding pond to keep runoff from contributing to flooding, said Gene German, chairman of the board.

In addition, the developers, Rochester-based Conifer Realty, will have other conditions to fulfill, including an additional, independent stormwater study to determine if the project will increase the risk that nearby Egypt Creek could flood during storms. The project has been before the planning board for at least a year, German said, and said the conditions "had gone far enough" for his satisfaction.

Mayor Randy Sterling, who was present at the meeting, said he supported the board's decision and that the new development will provide the area with working-class housing.

"We have no new developments right now," he said. "Dryden needs this."...


Between the TC3 building of new dorms and importing quite a few troublemakers from outside Tompkins-Cortland counties (this is all about money, they make money on every student imported from outside the counties), the importation by Dryden High School of students kicked out of Ithaca High School (another money maker for Dryden Central Schools), and the subsidized low income housing proposed at "Poet's Landing", the gem that is Dryden is being set up to be degraded. Crime is up in the village, including robbery and assault. Ask a dorm resident at TC3, or a Dryden High School student about the many problems and conflicts these imports are causing, not reported of course by school authorities or local media. Ask a kid that uses Montgomery Park often, or a neighbor that lives near it. These government entities (Town, village, TC3, Dryden CS) just can't tighten their belt, so they search for new sources of income, regardless of damage to the community. Well, I'll vote with my feet. When my students finish with Dryden, so will I. Good luck with your low income imports. They cost more in services than they bring in, and you will lose solid taxpayers and property values in the end. So typical of New York state.