FLLT Purchases 169 acres of land in Dryden

The Finger Lakes Land Trust has purchased 169 additional acres of land in the Town of Dryden in support it's plan to create a natural corridor from Dryden to Hector.  The land is adjacent to Six Mile Creek  and Hammond Hill and Yellow Barn State Forests.

The land is "protected", but also removed from the town's tax rolls, effectively increasing taxes with no public discussion or vote.  The government, and its shadow organizations seem to be grabbing land everywhere, including vast tracts in the American West.

It's ironic that 150 years ago, preservation meant private ownership, such as the development of the Ithaca water system by the Tremans.  Those unique tracts like Upper/Lower Treman Park, now owned and managed by New York State are falling into disrepair due to the financial mismanagement of the government. How many more State Parks will be threatened by closure in the next budget season?

Update:  Kathleen McCaffery, blogging over at Prof. Jacobson's, pointed me to a great Thanksgiving column by John Stossel on RCP.  What hooked me was the quote from Aristotle: "That which is common to the greatest number has the least care bestowed upon it."  

Like Aristotle said.