Mr. Hanna Goes to Washington

Richard Hanna, Photo by JOHN HAEGERThere was a send-off on Sunday for Richard Hanna at the Hotel Utica as he prepared to travel to Washington D.C. for his swearing-in on Wednesday.  As reported in the Oneida Daily Dispatch, he said:

“My life has become what I wanted it to be. It has become that because I live in a country that let that happen. It didn’t teach me entitlement, it taught me responsibility. Because of that I have had a wonderful life in a wonderful country.

“I am going to Washington for you for a number of purposes,” he continued. “But above all of them is to help us become more of what we were. There are people in this country today who believe that we are in decline. I don’t believe that. I think that we are in a period of pause and reflection and that we will get it right again. We are simply victims of our own success. We know that sacrifice is still a word that matters. We know that the future will always matter to us because our children will live in it.”