You can't fix stupid

And you can't make this stuff up.

There's stupid  ►►►

...and then there's—the government.

At The Daily (wish I'd thought of the jokes, verbal and visual):


Forest Service could employ a moo-clear bomb to dispose of dead cattle

The cows never came home.

Instead, the six animals that wandered into an old ranger’s cabin in the Colorado Rocky Mountains got stuck inside and froze to death, and now the U.S. Forest Service isn’t sure how to get them out and destroy the carcasses.

Blowing them up is one of just a handful of possible solutions...

...Because the area is protected by a so-called “wilderness pact” that says nothing mechanical — not vehicles, helicopters or even chainsaws — can be used there, the Forest Service is limited to three options for removing the remains.

They could do nothing, allowing the bodies to decompose naturally. They could burn the cabin and the cows. Or, they could demolish both with explosives. A task force met yesterday to discuss the options, and a decision should be made soon...
And God so loved the world that He didn't send a committee.